Gypsy Season 1

Gypsy poster

Gypsy season one is now streaming on Netflix. It stars Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson. Here is a list of all of the scenes with nudity or sexuality we’ve seen in the inaugural season.

Episode 1- Left breast from Naomi Watts in a sex scene where she is on top. The camera angle is a bit far off but her breast is clearly seen by the end.

Episode 2- Naomi Watts clothed while masturbating.

Episode 5- Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson have a lengthy kissing scene.

Episode 7- Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson in two more lesbian scene. The first make-out scene they both remain clothed. The second is a sex scene and both ladies are naked. Sophie is on top of Naomi and removes her top showcasing Naomi’s breasts. Sophie then takes her own top off showing her breasts. As she is pleasuring Naomi we also get a quick peek at Sophie’s ass. Both scenes are close to two minutes in length.

Episode 9- Another sex scene between Naomi and Sophie. This time clothed and standing. Sophie has her hand down Naomi’s pants and brings her to orgasm. Later in the episode, Naomi can also be seen in a white tank top that is somewhat see-thru and shows her nipples.