DVD Releases with Nudity – 03/13/18

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name dvd cover

Esther Garrel removes her bikini and lays down to have sex with her man. We see clear views of her breasts.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season One

The Handmaid's Tale season one dvd cover

Episode 1- Madeline Brewer briefly shows her breast.

Episode 5- Elisabeth Moss shows her ass and breasts in a lengthy sex scene. Her ass is seen very briefly but her breasts are on display a number of times during the scene.

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water dvd cover

Lauren Lee Smith pulls her left breast out of her shirt before a sex scene. Brief but a full on view of it. Sally Hawkins has a few scenes with nudity. In the first scene she shows full back and frontside nudity as she gets in a tub and masturbates. The second scene gives us similar amount of nudity as she removes her clothes while walking into the bathroom. Sally onces again shows about the same level of nudity as she is underwater.

The Deleted

The Deleted

This is a new series on the Fullscreen platform. They have a bunch of popular movies and series. However they also produce exclusive original content with social media stars and other creators.

The Deleted follows a group of people recently escaped from a cult. The series contains toplessness from a slew of beauties. The women you can see topless in this series are Karina Fontes, Madeline Brewer and Nicole Herold. Alissa Violet, Amanda Cerny and Julia Kelly also appear in bikini and underwear.