Here Alone

Here Alone movie poster

Here Alone

Streaming Service- Netflix

Nude Stars- Lucy Walters

Scene Locations- 01:00, 09:05, 15:44, 21:12

First scene Lucy is standing just at the edge of the lake, washing of the matter, she is covered head to toe in. From behind, we see her nipple as she is bending over. We also see her butt through the grass stalks, but it is obscured because of what she is covered in. Then fully washed off we see her floating in the water in a rain storm and we see her breasts as she bobs in the water.

Second scene Lucy is in the woods urinating and we can see her ass from afar. There is a clearer view when she stands up.

The third scene Lucy is once again in the water’s edge. We see her ass and left breast as she covers herself in rabbit poop. Once she is covered we get further views of her breasts.

Her final nude scene we see a reflection of her breast in the water as the camera pans to her. As the scene continues, we get a full view of her breasts just before she starts sewing a wound on her stomach.

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 06/13/17

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick Chapter 2 cover art

Claudia Gerini shows some side boob at the beginning of the scene. At a distance, we then see frontal nudity and her ass. Her breasts are seen again from above as she lies in a pool of water.

Power Season 3

Power Season 3 dvd cover art

Episode 1- Lucy Walters is on top of a guy on a couch riding him. We get a brief view of her right breast and nipple a couple of times. Lela Loren gets out of bed post-coitus. We get slightly blurry shots of her breasts from the side as she walks away. However, we get a long extended view of her bare ass.

Episode 2- Lela Loren is laying naked in bed. We first get a lengthy overhead shot or her left breast and ass. The shot moves in closer when she rolls over and we see both breasts on display.

Episode 3- Sheena Sakai has a lengthy vigorous sex scene. Her ass and breasts are seen clearly throughout.

Episode 4- Lucy Walters in a lengthy sex scene. Both her ass and breasts are seen. Natalie Paul removes her top and shows her breasts in a lengthy scene in the kitchen.

Episode 5 – Lela Loren’s breasts are once again shown in a sex scene.

Episode 6- Lela Loren in yet another sex scene.  Her breasts are revealed when her bra is removed as she is sitting on a table. They remain on full display for the remainder of the scene.

Episode 8- Lela is naked in a couple of scenes in a short span of each other. This sex scene her breasts are seen multiple times. Then afterward when she gets dressed her left breast and ass are briefly seen from a distance.

Episode 9- Naturi Naughton is topless in a sex scene.