Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 10/24/17

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper cover art

Kristen Stewart has a couple of nude scenes. In the first scene she is laying on a doctor’s bed having her heart checked and her breasts are on display. The second scene she disrobes in a closet and we see her breasts as she tries on various articles of clothing. Also of note she has a scene masturbating while wearing a dress in bed.


Planetarium cover art

Natalie Portman’s ass is briefly on display in this one.

Personal Shopper – Kristen Stewart

Great nudity upcoming from Kristen from this early review from our friends at Recapped.

Kristen Stewart has two nude scenes in Personal Shopper.

The first scene is approximately 20 minutes in: Kristen is laying topless on her side facing the camera as a doctor performs an ultrasound on her heart. She remains topless as she sits up, getting dressed only after the doctor gives her the prognosis. Fairly long scene, extremely well lit – think doctor’s office lighting.

Then approximately 80 minutes in comes the best nudity of Stewart’s career to date and likely one of the best nude scenes of 2016. This is the scene featured in that leaked still from the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Alone in her boss’s apartment, Kristen’s character is goaded via text message to start trying on her rich client’s fancy clothes. She pours herself a drink, downs it, and then strips down to only thong underwear. She slowly walks around the walk-in closet topless with some great shots of her butt reflected in the mirror. She then tries on a cupless black bra that resembles a piece of bondage gear and examines herself in the mirror, before removing it, putting on a sheer dress meant to accompany it, and putting the bra back on again. It’s at this point that she makes her way to the bedroom and begins masturbating. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very hot end to the scene, which is very well lit and done in one long take.