Red Sparrow Nudity Review

Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow dvd cover

Red Sparrow is a fairly paint by numbers spy thriller. However it largely works because the cast of established actors are very good. Weakest part are the attempt at Russian accents. A couple decent action sequences make it worthwhile. Naturally we also have a couple nude scenes from Jennifer Lawrence and a couple others.

Nude Stars- Nicole O’Neill, Jennifer Lawrence

0:15- Nicole O’Neill shows her ass and breasts in a sex scene riding a guy. As well as a bit more of the same while being beaten by Jennifer Lawrence.

0:33- Unknown actress topless in an S&M video.

0:40:20- In an attempted rape scene we see Jennifer Lawrence’s right breast as she fights off and beats her attacker.

0:44:20- Jennifer Lawrence strips in class. She’s partially blocked by a male student. However we see her left breast multiple times throughout the scene as well as her ass from behind.

Honorable Mentions- There are a few scenes when Jennifer is seen in bra and panties including sex scene. She is tortured while naked but nothing is really shown.

DVD Releases with Nudity – 12/19/17


Leatherface dvd cover

Jessica Madsen shows a bit of butt in a sex scene while on top. Her breasts are visible, but not really as they are covered with horror effects makeup.


mother! dvd cover

Jennifer Lawrence’s breasts are seen when people pull down her shirt showing her breasts.


Stronger dvd cover

Tatiana Maslany shows a bit of ass and a bit of breast in a sex scene. The very top of her ass can be seen at the start and her left breasts is seen a few times throughout.