Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 07/25/17

Girls Season 6

Girls Season 6 cover art

Episode 1- Jemima Kirke shows full frontal nudity. Lena Dunham has multiple nude scenes. She shows full frontal nudity.

Episode 5- Daisy Eagan is wearing just a white top so you see her ass as she prances around.

Episode 8- Jemima Kirke shows her breasts when her top is removed. Lena Dunham is also topless again.

Episode 10- Lena Dunham is topless in multiple scenes. She also has a full frontal nudity scene.



Unforgettable 2017 cover art

Rosario Dawson shows her ass when getting out of a tub.

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 01/03/17

Season 5 of Girls contains nudity in all but three episodes.

Episode 1 – Lena Dunham shows breasts.

Episode 2 – Gaby Hoffman and Lena Dunham both show breasts.

Episode 3 – Lena Dunham shows breasts and lower frontal nudity.

Episode 4 – Jemima Kirke shows breasts and ass.

Episode 5 – Lena Dunham shows lower frontal and rear nudity. Jemima Kirke shows breasts.

Episode 7 – Lena Dunham again with lower frontal nudity.

Episode 10 – Jemima Kirke wth lower frontal nudity.

Girls S04E02 (Jemima Kirke-Ass, Bush Visible Under See-Thru Underwear)

From MK in the Recapped.com comments section.

Episode 2 features Jemima Kirke’s character walking around her apartment in see-through underwear. Landing strip visible. She then moons Dunham’s character on a webcam. Could be a body double, but I doubt it. Nice tan lines!


Girls airs tomorrow night at 9 PM on HBO.