DVD Releases with Nudity – 04/10/18

Outlander-Season 3

Episode 2- Laura Donnelly shows brief breast while breastfeeding. Caitriona Balfe shows brief side boob in a darkly lit sex scene from a side-back angle. Emma Campbell-Jones nipple makes a split second appearance when she undoes her top.

Episode 4- Hannah James shows her breasts throughout an almost three minute sex scene and talk in bed afterwards.

Episode 6- Caitriona Balfe shows her breasts in a number of scenes in this episode. 2 sex scenes and a couple non sex scenes preceding them.

Episode 11- Caitriona Balfe shows her breast while disrobing before a sex scene.

Episode 12- Lotte Verbeek gets out of a bloodbath nude. She then washes off pouring water over her body.

Episode 13- Caitriona Balfe boobs in another intimate scene.

Vice Principals-Complete Series

Season 1

Episode 3- Dorothy Reynolds shows ass and boobs whilst having sex against a window.

Episode 4- Amy Farrington is interrupted while pumping breast milk and leaves a breast exposed.

Season 2

Episode 7- Mariann Gelvo shows her breasts while dancing in a strip club.

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 02/07/17

Jennifer Connelly shows her ass.

Natasha Lyonne pulls her nipple through a fish net top.


Tara Arroyave is handcuffed to a bed topless.

As previously reported Imogen Poots is topless in a couple of scenes. Alexandria Lee, Emily D'Angelo and Sarah Molasky also show breasts.

Helene York is topless in episode 4. Xian Bass is topless in episode 5. Callie Hernandez is topless in episode 6. Conor Leslie is topless in episode 7.

Stéphane Caillard does a lengthy walk in which she is seen topless and her ass is seen.

Dorothy Reynolds shows breasts and backside in episode 3. Amy Farrington Shows breasts in episode 4.