Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 08/01/17

Big Little Lies – Season 1

Big Little Lies Season 1 cover art

Episode 2- Nicole Kidman has three nude scenes. In the first, her ass is briefly seen while having sex up against a wall. Next, she briefly raises her top to show her right breast. In the final scene, her top is lowered while masturbating. Her breasts are seen from far away as well as a quick close up from behind of one of them.

Episode 3- In a shower scene, Nicole Kidman shows her bare breasts. Shailene Woodley’s ass is seen in a rape scene while she recounts the event. Shailene’s ass is also seen in a darkly lit scene when she walks into the ocean.

Episode 7- Nicole Kidman’s ass and breast are seen in another showering scene.


Crashing – Season 1

Crashing Season 1 cover art

Episode 1- Lauren Lapkus left breast makes a brief appearance when her bra is moved.

Episode 8- Soara-Joye Ross shows her breast while giving a lap dance.

The Lovers

The Lovers cover art

Debra Winger shows her left breast briefly in a sex montage.