Nude Streaming Pick – Lizzie(Aurora Snow & Shawna Waldron Breasts)


Streaming Service – Netflix

Scene Location – 55:55

Nude Actress – Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow plays the mistress that Amanda Baker’s character imagines her boyfriend having an affair with. Scene opens with a close up of Aurora’s left breast and nipple as she is riding. We then see both breasts in full view as she is standing taking it from behind. Two different times of a few seconds each.

Scene Location – 1:11:11

Nude Actress – Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron’s character is being attacked by the Andrew Borden character. He grips her bra and pulls it down and we see her right breast exposed for a number of seconds during the scene.


Nude Streaming Pick of the Week – Crawlspace (Nikki Moore Breasts)

Streaming Service – Hulu

Scene Location – 42:23

Nude Actress – Nikki Moore aka Nicole Moore

Nikki’s character is babysitter bribed by the son to have sex with him. The scene is intercut with another person in the house. We see 3 different looks at Nikki’s bare breasts while she rides astride. The scene opens with her astride and we get a view of both breasts for a few seconds. Our next shot of Nikki is from above through a grate and we see her breasts briefly again. The final shots of the scene are her finishing up and we see great views of her breasts while she is getting dressed again.

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Nude at Redbox – Joy Ride 3 – Sarah Mitich (Ass Breasts)

Star Babes – Kirsten Prout, Leela Savasta and Sarah Mitich

MPAA Rating – Rated R for bloody sadistic violence, some strong sexuality/nudity and drug use

Runtime – 96 minutes

Nudity – Sarah Mitich

Our Review Rating – 5/10

Joy Ride 3 is the second sequel to the fantastic 2001 movie starring Leelee Sobieski, Paul Walker and Steve Zahn. The quality has waned as it generally does with sequels. However the same basic plot is in play. A group of kids runs afoul of the psychotic truck driver Rusty Nails. This time the protagonists are a group trying to get their own racing team off the ground. We find them testing their car in a sparesly populated region en route to a big race. Once the smartass of the group pisses Rusty off we begin the races to him hunting down and kidnapping them as the movie progresses. This movie has Rusty even more sadistic and heavy handed than previous entrants I have watched. I missed the suspense that the original really mastered while making you care for the characters. Joy Ride 3 was more interested in driving home the sadistic and sometimes lengthy kill scenes. Brightest spot of the film was Kirsten Prout as it’s the one character you really begin to care about. If this is a genre of film that you enjoy this will pass the time for you if your expectations aren’t too high.

Nudity Review

Babe – Sarah Mitich

Scene Location – Opening Scene

Scene Runtime – 4 Minutes Plus

This scene is very lengthy but includes cutaways to establish other things. The scene opens with Sarah Mitich sitting trying to light a crack pipe. We see brief view of her breasts before she grabs her man to start having sex. The scene is fairly frenetic as it progresses. We see her breasts again as her man is on top of her in missionary position thrusting. She then mounts him astride and we see great view of both breasts as she rides him and later as she begins freaking out while trying to get her pipe relit. For most of the rest of the scene we see her breasts a number more times as she sits on the bed talking on a walkie talkie. The last view of her nude is of her ass as she pulls her panties on.