Melanie Lynskey Nudity in Togetherness

Excerpt of Melanie discussing upcoming HBO show and her nudity in it.

You’re on the Duplass brothers’ HBO show, Togetherness, which will be on sometime next year. What’s your character like?

ML: Mark Duplass and I are married to each other, and his friend, who’s played by Steve Zissus, moves in with us. And then my sister, who’s played by Amanda Peet, also moves in with us. Mark and I are having marriage problems; I can’t stand the sight of him sexually, I love him in every other way. It’s just kind of about marriage, not really in crisis, but dealing with problems. And parenthood, again. We have little children again.

An HBO show like that is something that could run for five seasons.

ML: Oh my god, that would be so great. I’ve never been sadder to have anything end.

Why was that?

ML: It felt so creative. Everything about it was really good. And I loved the show. I’ve seen two episodes. I’ve seen the pilot, and I’ve seen the one that I’m full-frontally naked in.

Oh, you’re — wow!

ML: You didn’t see as much as I thought you would see. But you — there’s some stuff. But I kept hearing from people, “Oh, all the episodes are so good.” So I was like, “Please show me the one. I need to know what people are seeing of my body.”

And how was that?

ML: It was fine. I felt kind of good about it. It’s definitely not the kind of naked body you usually see. But there’s a part of that I feel weirdly kind of liberated about. I saw it and thought, This feels kind of nice for the world. Just a fleshy, fleshy lady lying there.

You don’t look fleshy. I feel weird.

ML: I am, though. You don’t see any muscles. But I was like, I kind of love that that’s what my body looks like. And that’s what is going to be on television. It just feels nice to be representing something. I’m prepared for the backlash of people saying, “I don’t need to see that!”

I don’t think that would be the backlash. I think it could be, “Why is everyone naked on HBO all the time?”

ML: I think it’s good for people to be naked.

Sorry, I meant naked women.

ML: Well, Mark is naked too.

Ah! Then they won’t say it.

ML: Everyone is naked! I think everyone is naked on our show at some point.

God. This is going to be a good show!

ML: Yeah!

Masters of Sex S02E03 (Lizzy Caplan-Breasts and Ass)

On last night’s episode of Masters of Sex, Lizzy Caplan had a long, terrific nude scene. Michael Sheen (William Masters) pulls open the robe that Caplan is wearing and proceeds to look over her body. Her breasts are shown in medium close-up, including one shot where the camera pan down from her side with her erect nipples sticking out. Her character then starts masturbating (nothing shown, of course). Her butt is also shown from a medium distance during the scene.

On other shows over the weekend, Lela Loren was topless during a sex scene in Power (S01E07) and adult film actress Tori Black showed everything in Ray Donovan (S02E03).

Sex Tape (Cameron Diaz-Ass)

Despite her claim that "you See everything", Cameron Diaz only shows rear nudity in Sex Tape, which premieres nationwide today.

Rob Corddry, Elle Kemper, and Rob Lowe provide effective support, as far as it goes. Diaz and Segel are game to try anything, but a little more baring of souls — rather than the baring of butts — would have gone a long way toward making Sex Tape a more intimate and fulfilling experience.

A few weeks back, Cameron promised that we would "see everything" in Sex Tape, but that turned out to be wishful thinking. We do at least get to see her butt at least twice (at the very beginning, and again at the 20 minute mark), and during the second of those two scenes, she shows some sideboob and potentially slips a nip! Looks like this Sex Tape is definitely worth tracking down!—15639

UPDATE: Masters of Sex S02E01 (Lizzy Caplan, Allison Janney-Breasts)

UPDATE: Here is some more brief information from MK about Caplan’s nudity.

The Lizzy Caplan scenes are both pretty brief and weirdly edited unfortunately. You don’t see much or for very long.

Here is some information I received via e-mail from MK about who gets naked during the season premiere of Masters of Sex, which airs next Sunday, July 13 at 10PM on Showtime.

Masters of Sex season 2 update.

Episode 1: Lizzy Caplan shows her breasts during two different sex scenes. Allison Janney shows breasts during a sex scene.

Hemlock Grove (Season 2) (Madeline Brewer, Loretta Yu-Breasts;Alexandra Gordon-Breasts and Ass)

Season 2 of Hemlock Grove premiered on Netflix Friday.

Episode 2: (01:30) Loretta Yu, playing a hooker, shows taking off her bra and then while seducing Bill Skarsgård on a bed. (44:41) Madeline Brewer (Orange in the New Black) takes her bra off, revealing her breasts as she looks at herself in a mirror.

Episode 3: (32:21) There are a few close-up looks at Madeline Brewer's breasts while she is on top of Landon Liboiron during a sex scene.

Episode 4: (40:30) Madeline Brewer is looking in the mirror at her breasts again, only this time they appear to be lactating. (49:45) Madeline Brewer's right breast is shown while a baby appears to be feeding off her left.

Episode 5: (13:05) Alexandra Gordon (playing a humanoid) shows ass while suspended in a tank. There is a frontal view of her chest but her arms are in the way. (39:30) There are a few glimpses of Madeline Brewer's breasts during a sex scene with Bill Skarsgård. (47:30) There is brief look at Madeline Brewer's right breast as she gets our of bed and puts on a shirt.

Episode 7: (19:00) Alexandra Gordon is shown in the tank again, but this time there are some looks at her breasts. (21:40) There are even more views of Alexandra Gordon's breasts in tank as Shelley (Madeline Martin) is interacting with her. (34:30) More of Gordon in the tank. (48:30) One final look at Gordon, with a brief glimpse of breasts and butt.