Game of Thrones S04E08 (Nathalie Emmanuel-Breasts and Ass)

At around the 10-minute mark, Nathalie Emmanuel (who plays Missandei) shows breasts while kneeling in the water washing clothes. There is some jiggling involved as she is wringing out a piece of clothing. As she realizes she is being spied upon by Grey Worm, she stands fully naked for a few seconds before covering up, although only her breasts and a close-up of her butt are shown.

Immaculate Conception – Teaser Trailer (Oona Chaplin-Brief Left Breast, Dim Lighting)

At the 3:38 mark in the below teaser trailer from Immaculate Conception, Oona Chaplin's left breast is briefly visible during a sex scene. The scene is very dark, but some brightening reveals that it is there. There is also a brief butt shot a few seconds, but there is no way to know that it is her. More information (and a longer trailer) can be found here. According to the uploader the trailers were put together to create interest for the script.

Teaser Trailer – "Immaculate Conception", Short Version from Simon Ross on Vimeo.