Upcoming Nude Features

A little housekeeping on some of the new features we will have periodically in addition to our regular spate of updates on upcoming nude scenes.

  1. Bluray/DVD Nudity Reviews
  2. Nude at Redbox
  3. Nude Streaming Highlight

The first is pretty self explanatory. When permitting we will post nudity reviews of recently released bluray/DVD titles. These will include a review of the movie with a specific spotlight and detail placed on the nude scenes with an example of what the scene shows.

Nude at Redbox will be similar to the first. We will review a movie currently at Redbox to help you identify discs that are available for rental at the time of reviews. So that you may track them down at your local Redbox.

Our nude streaming highlight won't be constrained to one service but it will always highlight a title that is on a subscription based service. These would include Amazon Instant Prime Video, Hulu Plus and Netflix. These will highlight a specific title with a picture of the art used on the service to help you identify it. Obviously each service has a vast amount of streaming choices so if there is a title you're curious about and haven't seen pop us the suggestion via the Contact Us link at the top and we will try and check it out and update on the site whether it is a bust or not. 

Ray Donovan S02E04 (Vinessa Shaw-Brief Breasts, Paula Malcomson-Ass and Brief Breasts))

Vinessa Shaw did her first nude scene during last night’s episode of Ray Donovan.  During a sex scene with Liev Schreiber, her breasts appear briefly a couple of times. For a split-second her face, and nipple are in the same frame, ruling out a body double.

Paula Malcolmson shows butt and brief right breast from the side taking off her clothes to get in a shower. There is a very brief view of her breasts as she gets in. There is a final shot of her breasts obscured by the shower door.


UPDATE: True Blood S7E07 (Anna Paquin-Breasts)

Near the end of tonight's episode, Anna Paquin was topless during a sex scene with Stephen Moyer. There was a brief shot of her breasts while lying on her side from a medium distance. Any nudity below the waist was not visible because of Moyer covering. There were also a few close-up shots of her breasts during the scene which lasted around a minute long.

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