Masters of Sex S02E11 (Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lizzy Caplan-Breasts)

On last night’s episode of Masters of Sex, Caitlin Fitzgerald did her first nude scene as her character Libby, had a sex scene with Robert (Jocko Sims). She is lying on her back in a dim room, but both breasts are shown a number of times.

Lizzy Kaplan is shown lying on back after Virgina has sex with Bill. She is partially covered with a sheet, but her right breast is visible. Both breasts are then briefly shown as she adjusts the seat.

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Outlander S01E07 (Caitriona Balfe-Breasts and Ass)

On Saturday night’s episode of Outlander, Caitriona Balfe was topless during three scenes. In the first scene, there is a brief close-up butt shot as Jaime pulls Claire’s nightgown up before having sex. In the second sex scene. Claire removes her gown, showing a brief close-up of breasts and a full butt-shot before the camera again shows her breasts. There is a another shot of her butt as he lifts her up and carries her to bed. Her breasts are then shown as she is on her back while lovemaking. There are a couple more brief views of her breasts as she lies down on top of him. There are a couple of final looks at her breasts as she lies back on the bed afterwards, with a look at her butt as she gets out of bed and puts a robe on. There is a third sex scene with a couple of looks at her breasts as he kisses down her chest.

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UPDATE: The Scribbler (Katie Cassidy-Breasts; Ashlynn Yennie-Breasts and Ass)

UPDATE: Katie Cassidy shows breasts clearly multiple times during a sex scene from various angles. In another scene, Ashlynn Yennie shows breasts and ass while meeting Cassidy at a door. She shows more T&A while they are waiting for an elevator. The camera just avoids showing any lower frontal nudity.  The Scribbler premiered in theatres yesterday and is currently available on VOD. The DVD/Bluray comes out on October 21.


UPDATE: More from Recapped:

You see Katie’s breasts from various angles. The scene is dark and blue and there is a lot of stylistic editing — slo-mo, speed up, blurring.

According to, Katie Cassidy (Arrow) and Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede films) have nude scenes in The Scribbler:

“Nothing from Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler but Katie Cassidy is topless during a sex scene. Also, Ashlynn Yennie is naked in just about every scene she’s in.”

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Maps to the Stars (Julianne Moore-Brief Breasts and Ass, Jennifer Gibson-Breasts and Brief Ass, Sarah Gadon-Right Breast, Olivia Williams-Breasts)

Here is a listing of the nude scenes in Maps to the Stars, which premieres in the US at the New York Film Festival on September 27.

-Julianne Moore is taking part in a threesome with Jennifer Gibson. Gibson and Moore both briefly show breasts. After the man sits down in a chair and starts masturbating, Gibson turns into Sarah Gadon. After Moore gets out of bed, Gadon’s right breast is shown for a few seconds. The camera then shows Gibson again, with breasts a little bit of butt from the side visible.

-Moore briefly shows her butt while jumping up after Gadon starts massaging her temples. There is another brief butt shot as she runs into the house.

-Olivia Williams shows breasts while crying in a bathtub.

720p clips are available.

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