Bachelor Night (Various Actresses Butt Breasts)

Report of nudity in Bachelor Night. Which is currently available on VOD services for rental.

I watched Bachelor Night earlier. It's the latest sex comedy from The Asylum, the company that put out Barely Legal and Bikini Spring Break, as well as the Sharknado movies. It's packed with nudity. Fraps doesn't work for me anymore for some reason, so I can't record and edit it. I'll do my best to summarize the nudity. All of the following had major roles in the movie.

– Samantha Stewart (, previously nude in Bikini Spring Break, was one of the only disappointments. She had a topless scene, but it consisted of security camera footage. So not the best quality. Some nice cleavage in other spots, though.

– Heather Paige Cohn (, previously nude in Alpha House, had two topless sex scenes (the first one very good). 

– Megan Albertus ( I hadn't heard of before, but I'm very glad I have now. I don't think she's done nudity prior to this. She had a comedically kinky sex scene showing breasts and butt to open the movie, and a sort of reprise of that in the last scene interrupting the credits.

– Melissa Mensah ( & Anna Beletzki ( had two lengthy topless scenes together. Melissa seems new, and Anna was previously nude in Alpha House.

Shawn Rougeron ( also seems fairly new. She had a more minor role as a stripper/escort, but was topless in 3 scenes and wearing very little in others. There were also topless scenes from Magdalena Tcherno (, Angelica Ng (, and various strippers whose names I couldn't figure out. Rachel Alig, who I expected more from considering her role in Bikini Spring Break, was only in a few scenes and didn't do any nudity.

Delicious (Louise Brealey-Ass and Brief Breasts)

Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper in Sherlock) is nude in the UK film, Delicious.

She is shown being spied upon as she is admiring herself in the mirror. Her butt is shown in full and  her left breast is visible from the side.  There are also some brief glimpses of her breasts as she is lying in a bathtub filled with milky water.  Clips are available onliine.



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