Boardwalk Empire S05E02 (Gretchen Mol-Ass and Left Breast from Side; Various-Full Frontal and Ass))

At around the 20-minute mark on last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, Gretchen Mol took part in the final season’s first nude scene. Gillian (Mol) is with a group of women in a mental hospital recieving hydrotherapy in covered baths. All of the other women show nudity (some completely) while rising out of the tubs in an agitated state. Mol shows her butt and left breast from site while being helped out of the bath by the grand matron.

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Shelter (Jennifer Connelly-Bush)

According to Mr. Skin’s scouts at the Toronto International Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly shows bush during “Shelter”.

At the 53-minute mark, Jennifer pulls down her pants, shows her panties and then pulls them down for us to see her bush as she injects herself with heroin down there. It’s a full body shot, so she didn’t use a body double! Twenty minutes later, there’s an even more shocking scene where we see a shot of her face with cum all over it after a security guard expects something in return for giving her a place to sleep.—15701

Shelter, was directed by Connelly’s husband Paul Bettany.


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Third Person (Olivia Wilde-Breasts and Ass)

HD clips from Third Person showed up last night and Olivia Wilde has one of the best nude scenes this year so far. 

Firstly, there is a brief shot of her right breast as she gets out of bed and takes off her shirt while walking out of the bedroom. Afterwards, she is seen in a bathrobe as Liam Neeson opens his hotel room door for her. She then completely removes the robe, exposing most of her butt and some partial left breast as the camera is showing her from behind. There is then a full-on shot of her breasts from a medium distance after she picks up the robe and hands it to Neeson. Neeson’s right forearm is the only thing blocking a full frontal view. After having the door closed on her, she is shown fully naked from behind running in the hotel hallway. There is even some brief jiggling side-boob as she waits for an elevator. There are more rear and fleetingly topless view as she runs down a flight of stairs back to her motel room, with one more brief shot of her breasts as she climbs back in bed..

Third Person comes out on DVD in the US September 30.

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Men, Women, and Children (Shane Lynch-Brief Breasts)


Despite being a movie about sex, the only real nudity in Men, Women & Children comes from Shane Lynch. Shane strips down to her underwear as she gets ready to have sex. A couple of minutes later, Shane shows her breasts briefly after sex. Rosemarie DeWitt is naked in bed in one scene but doesn’t really show anything. Olivia Crocicchia and Elena Kampouris can also be seen in their bras. The rest of the nudity is from porn on a computer monitor.

Men, Women & Children Nudity Review

Shane is Kelly Lynch’s daughter.


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