Delicious (Louise Brealey-Ass and Brief Breasts)

Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper in Sherlock) is nude in the UK film, Delicious.

She is shown being spied upon as she is admiring herself in the mirror. Her butt is shown in full and  her left breast is visible from the side.  There are also some brief glimpses of her breasts as she is lying in a bathtub filled with milky water.  Clips are available onliine.



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UPDATE: The Scribbler (Katie Cassidy-Breasts; Ashlynn Yennie) (French Trailer w/Nudity from Cassidy)

Here is the French trailer for the film with some brief toplessness from Katie Cassidy. The nudity starts at around the 1:00 mark in the trailer.



UPDATE: More from Recapped:

You see Katie’s breasts from various angles. The scene is dark and blue and there is a lot of stylistic editing — slo-mo, speed up, blurring.

According to, Katie Cassidy (Arrow) and Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede films) have nude scenes in The Scribbler:

"Nothing from Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler but Katie Cassidy is topless during a sex scene. Also, Ashlynn Yennie is naked in just about every scene she’s in."

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