Muck – (Various Breasts Butt)

From someone who viewed the flick which is now available on VOD ahead of a theatrical release.

5 minutes in: An uncredited actress walks around topless outside. (She appears in the closing credits montage with her name blurred!)
18 minutes in: Laura Jacobs strips down to her underwear in the bathroom.
27 minutes in: We return to Laura Jacobs, now baring breasts and butt in the shower. Pretty long scene with kinda choppy editing.
35 minutes in: Despite being a former Playmate of the Year, Jaclyn Swedberg only favors us with some thong and hand bra action as she checks herself out in a mirror.
40 minutes in: A psycho rips off Stephanie Danielson‘s tank top, revealing her large breasts. There’s annoying flickering light and the context is unpleasant, but still a highlight if you watch it in slo-mo.
41 minutes in: A guy peeps on Audra Van Hees getting undressed. Bare breasts and lingering thong shots.
50 minutes in: Stephanie Danielson gets thrown through a window naked. Though the initial shot is probably a stunt double, we do see Stephanie’s breasts when she lands on her back and crawls. A couple full body views, but only from the side.
55 minutes in: Lauren Francesca spends a solid seven minutes creeping around in skimpy bra and panties, ultimately getting hosed down by a sprinkler. I didn’t spot any nudity, but the views are still nice enough to merit a “SPECIAL THANKS TO LAUREN’S ASS” shout-out in the closing credits. Seriously.

House of Cards S03E01 (Olivia Luccardi-Breasts)

Olivia Luccardi is topless in the first episode of House of Cards, which premiered on Netflix last night. She is playing a escort during a scene. While the lighting in the scene is generally dim, the light from a lamp is illuminating enough that her breasts and prominent nipples are visible. Earlier in the scene she is shown naked lying on her side in bed, but nothing is visible. This scene starts at around the 52:30 mark in the episode.

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Shameless S05E06 (Emmy Rossum-Breasts)


This Sunday’s Shameless brings us more Emmy Rossum nakedness. Emmy is first topless briefly as she is getting out of bed. There is then a sex scene which is similar to the one in the series premiere but there is no nudity. We then see Emmy’s breasts again as she is changing and then part of her ass from the side as she has sex.

P.S. Sasha Alexander will indeed be getting naked on Shameless next month