The Last Face – Charlize Theron

The Last Face

The Last Face

The Last Face is a heavy tome of a movie dealing mostly with doctors in areas of the world in heavy crisis. The scenes and depictions of violence and death are quite graphic. So if those things are not your cup of tea I would suggest not partaking in viewing the entire film. Charlize Theron is one of the two main focal characters. That being the case she is in the majority of scenes. Charlize has a number of sex scenes in the movie. Unfortunately given the tone of the movie not much is available for nudity.

Nude Scene

One of the scenes is an overhead shot down while Charlize is standing. This gives a slight backside shot of her. At the 1:20:00 mark comes her only real nudity for this movie. It is a medium length scene. She is laying in bed post-sex. We get a shot of her right breast when she rolls over. As she continues to lie in bed we clearly see the nipple of her right breast for the duration of the scene.

The Handmaid’s Tale Episode 5 – Elizabeth Moss

The Handmaid’s Tale’s fifth episode is now available on Hulu. The structure of the series doesn’t generally lend itself for nudity. However, in this episode, a departure from the norm and Elizabeth Moss had a nude scene. It begins at the 50-minute mark. The sex scene is lengthy but dark lit at times. Elizabeth is seen topless with both breasts on display. There is also a brief shot of her ass in the scene.

Voice from the Stone – Emilia Clarke

Just finished watching Voice from the Stone. It is a slow burn of a movie. Emilia Clarke is indeed nude in the film, however, the previous reviews were incorrect. Perhaps they saw an earlier edit of the film and they used alternate scenes in the final cut.

58:00- Emilia disrobes to pose for a sculpture. It is just shy of a full frontal when the robe comes off and she lays down. Her legs are closed though so no lower frontal nudity. We do however see both breasts clearly. Throughout this scene, her breasts are on display numerous times before she eventually gets up and leaves.

1:00:00- Around this time we do get a masturbation scene with her interspersed with footage of the father sculpting. However she isn’t nude during the masturbation. She is clothed and under the covers in bed. We get a couple of shots of her writhing and moaning though.

1:06:00- The sex scene occurs here. We do see Emilia on top for a short time and her breasts are again clearly on display.

Voice from the Stone is currently available for VOD rental and purchase though.


Movie Releases with Nudity – 04/28/17

Below Her Mouth – Erika Linder and Natalie Krill share a number of sex scenes in this movie. They display full nudity in a number of those scenes. Andrea Stefancikova shows complete nudity as well in a stripping scene. Mayko Nguyen shows all her assets early on in the film in a sex scene with Erika.