70th Cannes Film Festival Nudity

Cannes Film Festival

70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Here is all the latest info currently on confirmed nudity from movies that have played at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. The information has been accrued from Mr. Skin and other sources.

Mobile Homes- Imogen Poots has a sex scene early in the movie showing her ass and breasts.

The Killing of the Sacred Deer- Nicole Kidman has multiple nude scenes in this one. Early in the film while in lingerie Nicole’s underwear are pulled down and there is brief lower frontal nudity. Later in the movie, we get a similar scene that is closer shot. When the lights are turned off some brief ass as well.

The Square- Elisabeth Moss displays full frontal nudity in a sex scene.

Les Fantomes de Ismael a.k.a. Ismael’s Ghosts- Marion Cotillard is nude.

Redoubtable- Stacy Martin reportedly has a number of nude scenes.

L’amant double- Marine Vacth is nude. Promotional material released in French publications shows she is at the very least topless.

Rodin- Izia Higelin is fully nude a couple of times in this film about the famous sculptor.

The Meyerowitz Stories- Grace Van Patten graces us with nudity in this one. Her breasts and butt are seen via playback of a scene on a laptop.

Let the Sunshine In- Juliette Binoche is reported to be nude.

Jupiter’s Moon- This one features the nude debut of Monika Balsai. She shows full frontal nudity.

If any other nudity is reported through the remainder of the festival I will update with a new post.

Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust

Playing with Dolls:Bloodlust

Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust

This is the sequel to the previously reviewed Metalface. The plot is more or less the same. A ruse of a reality show and a contract for a horror film is used this time. You can check out that review here. Our actresses who display nudity this time around are Elonda Seawood and Karin Brauns.

Nude Scenes

45:28- Elonda Seawood is in the bathroom preparing for a shower. She teases around a little bit before removing her top. The scene is brief but we get a clear shot of both of her breasts.

59:40- Karin Braun after a montage of dancing is asleep in bed. We can see she isn’t wearing a bra under her top. The killer enters the room and lifts the flap of her shirt to reveal her right breast. It is another quick scene but her breast is seen very clearly before she jumps to move.

Metalface (Playing with Dolls)



Metalface on the service I rented it was known as that. However, if you look it up on IMDB it is listed as Playing with Dolls. The sequel also utilizes that moniker. I’ll have a review of the sequel soon if that contains nudity as well. This is a somewhat run of the mill take in the horror genre. A rich guy who likes to watch people die releases a serial killer from an asylum. He then lures innocent women to the kill zone under false pretenses which he has monitored with numerous cameras. There is not a whole lot of action in this one and the production value is strictly B movie. We do however get a couple of nice nude scenes from Alanna Forte and Natasha Blasick. Natasha Blasick, in general, is a treat in her role.

Nude Scenes

5:00- Alanna Forte is wrapped to a tree with barb wire. The killer cuts the strap on her shirt and her left breast is in full view.

1:02:00- Natasha Blasick is relaxing in an exterior hot tub. We see distant views of her nipples under the water. She is then startled from her reverie and we see both of her breasts on full display. Side view of her breasts as she gets out as well.

1:21:00- Natasha is flung bent over a log in the woods. The killer removes her underwear and flips her dress onto her back. This gives us a nice side view of her bare ass.


GLOW Episode 1 – Alison Brie

Here is another review on the Alison Brie nudity in the upcoming Netflix series GLOW. Until the episodes actually drop in June we won’t know for sure but other reports state it is just this episode she has nudity in.

For those interested in GLOW, I’ve just seen the first episode and the Alison Brie reports are true.

There are two topless scenes in the first episode and they’re both pretty brief. The first is in a locker room, Alison removed her blouse and then puts something else on, and there are a few seconds of well-lit topless action (but mainly from the side). The second scene is, in my opinion, better: it’s a sex scene, she’s on top and again her breasts are visible mainly from the side, but you also get a shot of her leaning over from the front.

Neither of these scenes have close-ups of her nipples, but they are very much visible from the sides. I’ll have a flick through the other episodes and see what else there is.