Eliza Dushku/Banshee and Melissa Rauch/The Bronze Info

I’ve seen this question recently and seen rumors floated a bit about each. So I wanted to make a post about what is known with these rumors.

Eliza being nude in Banshee at this time is hope and pure speculation. The only real tidbit is last year she tweeted a reference to shooting a bare butt scene. What that will actually turn out to be we won’t know til the scene airs. Aside from that she may have mentioned a lingerie scene as well or tweeted a photo of lingerie in reference to the show.

Melissa Rauch’s character does indeed have a nude sex scene in The Bronze. However she is on record stating she used a double for the gymnastic portions of that scene. So until the movie is released wide I wouldn’t hold out hope that she shows any nudity herself.

Hopefully on both accounts the current info proves wrong and we get great scenes from these beautiful women.

Nude on Netflix Week of 12/16/15

Aeon Flux – Charlize Theron has a brief nip slip.

Bedazzled 1967 – Eleanor Bron’s body double is topless.

A Perfect Man – Jeanne Tripplehorn very brief shot of breasts in bed. Not the best quality.

Private Parts – This one has masses of nudity. Jenna Jameson shows everything. Breasts from Carrie Flaska and Theresa Lynn. Melanie Good shows breasts and butt.

Valley of the Dolls – Classic with brief breasts from Sharon Tate.