UPDATE: Under the Skin (Scarlett Johansson-Breasts and Ass;Shadowy Full Frontal) (HD Clips Available)

UPDATE: Full HD Clips are available at Recapped. —————————————————————————————————— Recapped and Mr. Skin have also posted reviews. It is beginning to look like any full frontal from Scarlett will be hard to see.

Seven minutes into the film, a fully nude Scarlett strips an unconscious Lynsey Taylor Mackay of all her clothes and then puts them on herself. The scene takes place in a room that is entirely white and it is lit from behind so Scarlett is mostly in shadow. Scarlett’s nudity isn’t as clear as we’d like but still visible enough to make out breasts and ass. On the other hand, Lynsey’s nudity is pretty clear for those who care. One hour in, Scarlett strips off all her clothes in an entirely black room. We see a well-lit medium-far shot of Scarlett fully naked from the side as she slowly backs away to the right. At 77 minutes, Scarlett is fully naked in a dark room that is only lit by the reddish-orange light emanating from an electric heater. The camera is behind Scarlett such that we can see her right breast and butt clearly, and then full frontal nudity in the mirror. Then there are several more angles of Scarlett nudity including straight on. Scarlett’s bush is mostly in shadow, but we can see her breasts and butt pretty well. Lastly, at 85 minutes Scarlett shows her butt briefly from the side during a sex scene. Scarlett then shows her ass from behind as she examines herself.


(0:08) Scarlett Johansson is seen from a distance, showing breasts while leaning over the body of a motorcyclist. Buns as well when she stands up. (0:58) Scarlett Johansson is in her bra and jeans. The bra comes off from the backside, and we see left breast from the side. (1:15) Scarlett Johansson shows bare breasts while looking at herself in the mirror. She begins checking out different sections of her body. It's darkened with a reddish haze leaving it just a tad too dark to see everything full frontal, but there is at least one shot where you see the silhouette between her legs. (1:22) Scarlett Johansson is stripped to black panties on the bed, then the panties come down her legs as a guy begins to screw her. After getting startled she moves to the end of the bed and uses a lamp to look between her legs, all of which we see from behind as her buns hang off the edge of the bed.

http://www.mrskin.com/breaking-nudes-toronto-scarlett-johanssons-nude-debut-confirmed—15255 ——————————————————————————————————– UPDATE: Tonight, I just received a very detailed review from a trustworthy source, detailing all of Scarlett Johansson's nude scenes in Under The Skin. This is the same source who gave me information about Sarah Gadon's nude scene in Enemy (which like Under the Skin, is also showing at the Toronto International Film Festival). Basically, Scarlett shows full nudity front and rear, but some of it is from a distance, and most of it is dimly lit. Here, in verbatim, is the review he sent me.

Scarlett has four nude scenes in the movie and countless others where she's in her underwear or showing off major cleavage. First scene is just a few minutes in. Johansson is completely nude and stripping an unconcious woman of her clothing. Butt, boobs, and brief full frontal. Pretty lengthy scene. You see her head to toe all in one shot, but it's back lit at distance. It's not as clear as it could be, but it's all still there. Second scene: All black void as her character seduces a severely deformed man. Starts off in her underwear and takes it off as she's backing away from the guy. Full frontal from the side at a distance. Best lit of all the scenes. Third scene (and by far the best): Her character is examining her body in front of a mirror for a good few minutes. Numerous angles, front and back. Boobs, butt, and bush. Dimly lit. Fourth scene: You see her butt when she gets up out of bed after having sex with a guy. Dimly lit but a good view.

—————————————————————————————————– There are a number of reports, stating that Scarlett Johansson has nude scenes, including some full-frontal) in Under The Skin, which has screened at Telluride and just today has screened at the Venice International Film Festival. The question is how much can actually be seen. Here is a Hollywood Reporter review mentioning the full-frontal nudity:

"Johansson herself is not the source of the film's problems. She totally commits to the part, to the extent that she even performs several scenes of full-frontal nudity. Unfortunately, many, if not most, of the people who ultimately will check out this film will probably do so solely in order to check out those scenes." http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/telluride-under-skin-starring-scarlett-618843

However, the blogger behind the Batty for Nudity blog contacted another reviewer of the film, and he mentioned that the view is not clear. On the other hand, some brief mentions of the scenes from people elsewhere makes it sound like quite a bit is actually visible. This film is coming to the Toronto International Film Festival next week so hopefully we will definitely know by then what can actually be seen.

Orange is the New Black (Season 2) Nudity Report

Season 2 of Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix last night. There is quite a bit more nudity this season, with better topless scenes from Taylor Schilling and couple of good scenes from newcomer Kimiko Glenn. However Laura Prepon stayed clothed this time around, and there was no nudity from Yael Stone and Natasha Lyonne.

Episode 1: At around the 23:00 mark, Taylor Schilling and a group of other women are shown undergoing a strip search. There is some frontal nudity from the unidentified women, but only a peek at Schilling's breasts and she uncovers them and raises her hand.

Episode 2: At around the 36:00 mark, part of Maria Dizzia's right nipple is first shown peeking out of a bra while holding a baby. Afterwards, around the 39 minute mark, her breasts are entirely out of her bra as she starts changing clothes.

Episode 4: At around the 50:30 mark, Kimiko Glenn's breasts are shown as her character is being eaten out by Natasha Lyonne. There a multiple close-ups of her boobs. In my opinion, this is the best nude scene of the season. Lyonne shows some side-rump, but no actual nudity.

Episode 5: At the beginning of the episode, Claire Dominguez briefly shows breasts while showering, before she gets removed from the shower stall, by her nipple.

Episode 6: At around the 18:30 mark, Samira Wiley and Nina Rausch both show breasts during a lesbian sex scene. There a some close-ups of breasts, especially from Rausch, while they try scissoring. There is a another close view of Rausch as she has champagne poured in between her large breasts.

Episode 8: At around the 51:00 mark, Kimiko Glenn has her second nude scene of the season as she is forced to disrobe and take a shower. She shows breasts and some brief ass as she takes her top off, but her hand covers her bare crotch.

Episode 10: At the beginning of the episode, Taylor Schilling has her second nude scene of the season. At the beginning of the episode, her breasts are shown as she is lying in bed receiving simulated oral from Laura Prepon. This is the best view of her breasts in the entire series, with some closer views of her pert, erect, nipples. Prepon, however, keeps her bra on during the entire scene.

Episode 12: At around the 51:30 mark, Lorraine Toussaint shows breasts while in bed with a younger man.

Power S01E01 (Naturi Naughton-Breasts, Sex Scene, Masturbation Scene)

Naturi Naughton (Notorious) has a couple of nude scenes in the pilot episode of Power, which premieres June 7 on Starz. She shows breasts for around 3 seconds as Omari Hardwick pulls her lingerie off. There are a few more glimpses of her breasts during the sex scene afterwards. There may be some bush visible briefly, but it is difficult to tell for sure with the lighting. There is one more fully nude shot as he gets off her, but only breasts are visible. In the second scene, the top half of her breasts (including nipple) are shown as she pulls her dress down while masturbating in a back seat of a car.

Immaculate Conception – Teaser Trailer (Oona Chaplin-Brief Left Breast, Dim Lighting)

At the 3:38 mark in the below teaser trailer from Immaculate Conception, Oona Chaplin's left breast is briefly visible during a sex scene. The scene is very dark, but some brightening reveals that it is there. There is also a brief butt shot a few seconds, but there is no way to know that it is her. More information (and a longer trailer) can be found here. According to the uploader the trailers were put together to create interest for the script.

Teaser Trailer – "Immaculate Conception", Short Version from Simon Ross on Vimeo.