Tallulah – Ellen Page

An early user review of Tallulah.

So as reported, Ellen Page is topless while having sex with a guy in a van about two minutes into Tallulah.
First shot is brief, but she’s on top and it’s well lit. Nude, both breasts visible, nearly full frontal if not for the framing.
Second shot is also brief. She’s on her back making out with the guy, right breast comes into frame as he goes down her. Much moaning.
That is all the info I have.

Ten (2015)

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This is a weird one. Ostensibly a “horror” movie. It is definitely an experience. Ten women visit Spektor Island. Each of them portraying a certain character archetype. Beyond that there is a pig mask focus, espionage and some other stuff that is just plain weird and doesn’t necessarily tie together cohesively. However there is also some nudity in the film.

Streaming Network-  Amazon prime

Nude Star- Leah Principe

Scene Location- 18:00

At around the 18 minute mark her character is slipped something in her drink. As she begins to feel the effects of the drug she begins disrobing. This is a very lengthy scene in which Leah is seen completely naked as one by one she rips into the other characters. Over 3 minutes for the scene before she exits.

Scene Location- 24:20

Above shot of her naked in a tub transitioning to a full frontal when she is removed from the tub and placed on the bathroom floor.

Nude Stars- Karin Webb, Leah Principe and Porcelain Dalya

Scene Location- 54:04

All three ladies are shown in various states of full frontal laying on the floor lined up next to each other.


Nude on Netflix Week of 07/06/16

The Big Short– Heighlen Boyd has a topless scene while dancing.

Shameless– Season 1 – 4 of this stellar series is now on Netflix featuring a very massive amount of nudity. Through the first 4 seasons you will see Emmy Rossum in 13 nude scenes. Shanola Hampton in 9 nude scenes. Laura Wiggins in 5 nude scenes. Molly Price in 1 nude scene. Emma Greenwell in 8 nude scenes. Stephanie Fantauzzi in 6 nude scenes. Galadriel Stineman in 1 nude scene. Isidora Goreshter in 2 nude scenes. Lisa Long in 2 nude scenes. Taylor Cardace in 1 nude scene. Virginia Morris in 1 nude scene. Nichole Bloom in 2 nude scenes.

Satanic (2016) – Nudity Report

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This horror flick is available now on VOD while still in theaters. The most notable star is Sarah Hyland though no nudity from her. Fantastic performance from Sophie Delah who is nude in the film. It’s a decently done horror flick in the vein of satanic worship.

Streaming Service- All major VOD platforms.

Nude Star- Sophie Delah

Scene Location- 28:00

Sophie is led forward in a hooded robe at a satanic sacrifice. The robe is removed and we see a fairly decent shot of one breast. She then pushes off and runs away and we see both breasts in full view.