Loitering with Intent (Marisa Tomei-Brief Left Breast, Isabelle McNally-Breasts)

In the film Loitering with Intent, Isabelle Mcnally takes off her bathrobe, exposing her breasts and some side butt for a few seconds. There is another view of her breasts as she then gets into a bath with Marisa Tomei. Tomei’s left breast is very briefly visible during this scene.  

Loitering with Intent is currently available on VOD, as of December 16.

Ascension Parts 1 and 2: Tricia Helfer (Brief Ass)

Tricia Helfer shows her butt in each of the first two parts of Ascension, a mini-series which started Monday night on SyFy.  In Night 1, Helfer briefly shows her butt while being shown from behind putting on a robe after a sex scene. Jessica Sipos is also shown in a thong.

In Night 2,  Helfer very briefly shows butt again as her towel slips off her after she gets up from a massage. Jessica Sipos shows part of her butt after a sex scene. Ascension concludes tonight.

Nude Streaming Pick – Donner Pass (Krystal Davis Breasts)

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Nude Streaming Service – Netflix

Scene Location – 47:00

Nude Star – Krystal Davis

Krystal’s character is ouside in a hot tub with her male counterpart. We see her left breast when she removes her bra as she goes back to kissing. We then see both breasts head on as her partner gets up to vacate the tub and we see her breasts a number of times for the duration of the scene.

Free The Nipple (Lina Esco, Lola Kirke, Others-Breasts)

As you would expect, there quite a bit of toplessness in the film Free the Nipple, which is about a group of women fighting for the right to be topless in public. Among the women showing are the film’s director (Lina Esco), and Lola Kirke (the younger sister of Girls actress Jemima Kirke). Free the Nipple premiered Friday on VOD and in limited theatrical release.

UPDATE: Marco Polo S01 (Olivia Cheng, Others-Full Frontal and Ass)

UPDATE: Olivia Cheng is nude at other times during the season, including a full frontal in episode 3 lining up with other nude women to be selected as concubines. I am not sure if the bush is real as there may be some possible CGI there.


The complete first season of Netflix’s new series Marco Polo premieres on December 12.  There is a quite a bit nudity from Canadian actress Olivia Cheng in the first two episodes, including what sounds like a very memorable scene in Episode 2.

Credit to MK from Recapped.com comments:

Episode 1
Olivia Cheng – Breasts while having sex 29 minutes in
Dozens of extras – Full frontal nude in a whorehouse orgy scene that comprises the last chunk of the episode.

Episode 2
Olivia Cheng – Breasts, butt, full frontal from many different angles during a nude fight scene at the 36 minute mark. Pretty fantastic!





Shades of Sin (Christine Woods – Breasts)

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

This is a bit of old news but maybe some aren't aware of it. Christine Woods who is latest seen in The Walking Dead and has also been prominently seen on 24 and Perfect Couples has done a nude scene in her career. It doesn't have much visibility as it is a short film on a site of Danny Devito's devoted to horror. At the beginning of the scene after sex we get a nice pan up for a clear shot of her breasts laying in bed. If the link doesn't take you directly to the short film head to The Theater section of the site and cycle through the thumbs at the bottom until you get to it.

Shades of Sin at The Blood Factory