Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad


Mom and Dad amazon video cover

Mom and Dad is an insane ride of a film where parents want to murder their children for some unknown reason. It’s worth the watch for one of Nicolas Cage’s most nutzoid over the top performances alone. Not much for nudity. Schoolgirl outfit on Annie Winter throughout. Selma Blair in a yoga class. Nudity in the movie comes from Cacia Rose. It’s during a flashback early in the movie we see her topless in a trans-am. Short scene, but very good look at her breasts. The same scene is flashbacked to again later in the movie.

The flick is currently available for rent on Amazon Video and other services.

The Deuce Season 1 Nudity Review

The Deuce

the deuce promo art

Episode 1- Margarita Levieva’s breasts are on full display during a riding sex scene. Dominique Fishback shows her breasts while looking at herself in a compact mirror. Maggie Gyllenhaal removes her top to show her breasts. Amber Sky Noyes shows her breasts and ass during a sex scene.

Episode 2- Jamie Neumann shows her ass and frontal nudity during a photo shoot scene. Emily Meade shows her breast while having sex and then on full display as she sits in bed after talking. Her breasts are seen later in a continuation of the scene. Alyssa Kempinski and Maggie Gyllenhaal show their breasts filming a money shot scene. Julia DeVergilio is also seen naked in a Polaroid.

Episode 3- Michelle Bobe’s breasts are seen from a long distance during a porn scene. Margarita Levieva’s breasts are on display while oral sex is performed on her. Her right breast makes another appearance later while she is in bed looking through her purse.

Episode 4- Kayla Foster and Olivia Luccardi both show breasts during and after a lesbian oral sex scene. Maggie Gyllenhall’s ass and breast are briefly on view in the aftermath of a sex scene. Margarita Levieva’s breasts again in a dark pool table sex scene.

Episode 5- Maggie Gyllenhaal’s breast and bush are seen in a trio of sex scenes. One of which she also masturbates in. She also shows her left breast quickly in a violent scene where she is hit. Kayla Foster walks through a room topless while Olivia Luccardi is topless in bed having sex.

Episode 6- Maggie Gyllenhaal wears a see thru bra during a porn shoot with her left breast in full view. The scene includes oral sex performed on her before intercourse after. Emily Meade is topless dressed as a nurse during a porn shoot scene.

Episode 7- Maggie Gyllenhaal is naked following a sex scene. Jamie Neumann shows her breast in bed. Kayla Foster and Olivia Luccardi are topless in a sex scene with a client and the aftermath. Deborah Twiss and Emily Meade are nude during a porn shoot. Emily also has a scene where Maggie spreads oil on her breasts. In a video of a previous shoot Emily’s breasts are shown again. Margarita Levieva’s left breast is briefly seen while she changes.

Episode 8- Kim N. Wong’s ass is shown while she walks around a room. Natalie Paul’s breast while in bed. Dominique Fishback shows her breast in a mirror briefly while changing. Her breasts are also seen later during a porn shoot. Larisa Polonsky’s breasts are seen clearly numerous times during a porn shoot.




Slasher Season 2 Nudity Review

Season 2 of this Canadian produced series is now available on Netflix. If you’re into the horror genre this is one of your best bets on Netflix. Season 2 was more of a typical horror scenario. However Season 1 was beyond excellent in all facets. You can check Slasher Season 1 Nudity Review  for our roundup of nudity in season one. Onto this season, which unfortunately only contained one nude scene, but it was excellent.

Episode 6- Rebecca Amzallag’s breasts are on full display in a short sex scene. As she is having sex from behind her partner opens her top to reveal her breasts. Extended views throughout the scene.


Here Alone

Here Alone movie poster

Here Alone

Streaming Service- Netflix

Nude Stars- Lucy Walters

Scene Locations- 01:00, 09:05, 15:44, 21:12

First scene Lucy is standing just at the edge of the lake, washing of the matter, she is covered head to toe in. From behind, we see her nipple as she is bending over. We also see her butt through the grass stalks, but it is obscured because of what she is covered in. Then fully washed off we see her floating in the water in a rain storm and we see her breasts as she bobs in the water.

Second scene Lucy is in the woods urinating and we can see her ass from afar. There is a clearer view when she stands up.

The third scene Lucy is once again in the water’s edge. We see her ass and left breast as she covers herself in rabbit poop. Once she is covered we get further views of her breasts.

Her final nude scene we see a reflection of her breast in the water as the camera pans to her. As the scene continues, we get a full view of her breasts just before she starts sewing a wound on her stomach.

The Exception – Lily James

The Exception

The Exception cover art

The Exception is a World War 2 drama starring Lily James and is available on VOD currently with an August 8, 2017, dvd release to follow. Lily James is nude a couple of times and there is also a nude scene by Verona Verbakel.

13:10- Lily James enters a room and is asked to disrobe. We see her breasts when she does. The camera angle switches and we get a full view of her ass from behind. A couple more views as she is bent over for a short sex scene.

23:34- Another sex scene with Lily this time on top. No nudity but a possible partial butt peek under her nightgown.

58:10- This time Lily is getting out of bed. If you frame by frame the scene you will see a quick flash of bush. We then see her ass and breasts again when she is standing and getting dressed.

1:11:00- Verona Verbakel when a door is opened is seen in the background completely naked. It is a quick flash from far away and the second shot is a tad out of focus.