Wind River Nudity Review

Wind River

Wind River cover art

Wind River is a crime drama starring Elizabeth Olsen. She stars as an FBI agent called to the wilderness to investigate a case. In general rolling anything she is in will be good for a quality performance. Without giving anything away this is a well acted flick with a solid story. In addition we get some solid nudity from the film.

Nude Stars- Elizabeth Olsen, Kelsey Asbille

Scene Locations- 17:49, 1:17:45

We get a quick but juicy view of Elizabeth Olsen’s ass in a thong as she is putting on snow pants.

Kelsey Asbille shows quick shots of lower frontal and ass when escaping an assault. Just before this you also get a good look at her thong covered ass.

Dude (2018) Nudity Review

Dude film cover art

Dude is a Netflix original movie starring Lucy Hale. It follows the tail end of their senior year dealing with the trials and tribulations that are thrown at them. A more or less typical formula for this type of movie. Well cast and acted with the main four having good chemistry. If you like this type of film then def give it a peep. The film marks the first time Lucy Hale has been nude.

Nude Stars- Lucy Hale

Scene Location- 46:45

Lucy begins taking her clothes off and once she is laying in bed she removes her top revealing her breasts. Her breasts are scene quite a bit being kissed and while she receives oral sex.

Red Sparrow Nudity Review

Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow dvd cover

Red Sparrow is a fairly paint by numbers spy thriller. However it largely works because the cast of established actors are very good. Weakest part are the attempt at Russian accents. A couple decent action sequences make it worthwhile. Naturally we also have a couple nude scenes from Jennifer Lawrence and a couple others.

Nude Stars- Nicole O’Neill, Jennifer Lawrence

0:15- Nicole O’Neill shows her ass and breasts in a sex scene riding a guy. As well as a bit more of the same while being beaten by Jennifer Lawrence.

0:33- Unknown actress topless in an S&M video.

0:40:20- In an attempted rape scene we see Jennifer Lawrence’s right breast as she fights off and beats her attacker.

0:44:20- Jennifer Lawrence strips in class. She’s partially blocked by a male student. However we see her left breast multiple times throughout the scene as well as her ass from behind.

Honorable Mentions- There are a few scenes when Jennifer is seen in bra and panties including sex scene. She is tortured while naked but nothing is really shown.

Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad


Mom and Dad amazon video cover

Mom and Dad is an insane ride of a film where parents want to murder their children for some unknown reason. It’s worth the watch for one of Nicolas Cage’s most nutzoid over the top performances alone. Not much for nudity. Schoolgirl outfit on Annie Winter throughout. Selma Blair in a yoga class. Nudity in the movie comes from Cacia Rose. It’s during a flashback early in the movie we see her topless in a trans-am. Short scene, but very good look at her breasts. The same scene is flashbacked to again later in the movie.

The flick is currently available for rent on Amazon Video and other services.

The Deuce Season 1 Nudity Review

The Deuce

the deuce promo art

Episode 1- Margarita Levieva’s breasts are on full display during a riding sex scene. Dominique Fishback shows her breasts while looking at herself in a compact mirror. Maggie Gyllenhaal removes her top to show her breasts. Amber Sky Noyes shows her breasts and ass during a sex scene.

Episode 2- Jamie Neumann shows her ass and frontal nudity during a photo shoot scene. Emily Meade shows her breast while having sex and then on full display as she sits in bed after talking. Her breasts are seen later in a continuation of the scene. Alyssa Kempinski and Maggie Gyllenhaal show their breasts filming a money shot scene. Julia DeVergilio is also seen naked in a Polaroid.

Episode 3- Michelle Bobe’s breasts are seen from a long distance during a porn scene. Margarita Levieva’s breasts are on display while oral sex is performed on her. Her right breast makes another appearance later while she is in bed looking through her purse.

Episode 4- Kayla Foster and Olivia Luccardi both show breasts during and after a lesbian oral sex scene. Maggie Gyllenhall’s ass and breast are briefly on view in the aftermath of a sex scene. Margarita Levieva’s breasts again in a dark pool table sex scene.

Episode 5- Maggie Gyllenhaal’s breast and bush are seen in a trio of sex scenes. One of which she also masturbates in. She also shows her left breast quickly in a violent scene where she is hit. Kayla Foster walks through a room topless while Olivia Luccardi is topless in bed having sex.

Episode 6- Maggie Gyllenhaal wears a see thru bra during a porn shoot with her left breast in full view. The scene includes oral sex performed on her before intercourse after. Emily Meade is topless dressed as a nurse during a porn shoot scene.

Episode 7- Maggie Gyllenhaal is naked following a sex scene. Jamie Neumann shows her breast in bed. Kayla Foster and Olivia Luccardi are topless in a sex scene with a client and the aftermath. Deborah Twiss and Emily Meade are nude during a porn shoot. Emily also has a scene where Maggie spreads oil on her breasts. In a video of a previous shoot Emily’s breasts are shown again. Margarita Levieva’s left breast is briefly seen while she changes.

Episode 8- Kim N. Wong’s ass is shown while she walks around a room. Natalie Paul’s breast while in bed. Dominique Fishback shows her breast in a mirror briefly while changing. Her breasts are also seen later during a porn shoot. Larisa Polonsky’s breasts are seen clearly numerous times during a porn shoot.