Metalface (Playing with Dolls)



Metalface on the service I rented it was known as that. However, if you look it up on IMDB it is listed as Playing with Dolls. The sequel also utilizes that moniker. I’ll have a review of the sequel soon if that contains nudity as well. This is a somewhat run of the mill take in the horror genre. A rich guy who likes to watch people die releases a serial killer from an asylum. He then lures innocent women to the kill zone under false pretenses which he has monitored with numerous cameras. There is not a whole lot of action in this one and the production value is strictly B movie. We do however get a couple of nice nude scenes from Alanna Forte and Natasha Blasick. Natasha Blasick, in general, is a treat in her role.

Nude Scenes

5:00- Alanna Forte is wrapped to a tree with barb wire. The killer cuts the strap on her shirt and her left breast is in full view.

1:02:00- Natasha Blasick is relaxing in an exterior hot tub. We see distant views of her nipples under the water. She is then startled from her reverie and we see both of her breasts on full display. Side view of her breasts as she gets out as well.

1:21:00- Natasha is flung bent over a log in the woods. The killer removes her underwear and flips her dress onto her back. This gives us a nice side view of her bare ass.


GLOW Episode 1 – Alison Brie

Here is another review on the Alison Brie nudity in the upcoming Netflix series GLOW. Until the episodes actually drop in June we won’t know for sure but other reports state it is just this episode she has nudity in.

For those interested in GLOW, I’ve just seen the first episode and the Alison Brie reports are true.

There are two topless scenes in the first episode and they’re both pretty brief. The first is in a locker room, Alison removed her blouse and then puts something else on, and there are a few seconds of well-lit topless action (but mainly from the side). The second scene is, in my opinion, better: it’s a sex scene, she’s on top and again her breasts are visible mainly from the side, but you also get a shot of her leaning over from the front.

Neither of these scenes have close-ups of her nipples, but they are very much visible from the sides. I’ll have a flick through the other episodes and see what else there is.


Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 05/16/17

Between Us

Between Us cover art

Analeigh Tipton and Olivia Thirlby have nude scenes in Between Us. Analeigh Tipton is seen naked face down on a bed. We get a quick glimpse of her naked ass. The shot is a bit far away but later in the scene, we get a closeup of the top half of her ass. Olivia Thirlby has two nude scenes. In the first, she is having sex on a couch and her left breast is in clear view. It is a quick shot but her breast is very clear during it. The second is a post-coital scene. No toplessness but a very quick view of her ass as she gets up and runs out.

I Love Dick Season One

I Love Dick

I Love Dick – Season One

I Love Dick is another Amazon Original. It tells the story of a struggling married couple who fall for the same male professor.

Episode 2

Lindsay Faye shows complete nudity. Kathryn Hahn shows breasts and butt in a lengthy sex scene. Roberta Colindrez is topless while sitting down and writing.

Episode 3

No nudity in this one. However, there is a lesbian scene with India Menuez and Roberta Colindrez.

Episode 5

Dahlya Glick is nude in two scenes. In the first one, she is topless in a sex scene with her man on a bed. The second scene she shows full frontal nudity when she strips her clothes off.

Episode 6

India Menuez is naked in three scenes. Full frontal nudity in the first one as she strips her clothes off. The second features her in the same locale topless during a live stream. In the final lengthy scene, we again get full frontal nudity from India. Roberta Colindrez also strips her shirt off baring her breasts as they are both arrested.

Episode 7

Kathryn Hahn shows her breasts while getting dressed.

Episode 8

Kathryn Hahn has two scenes in this episode. While in the bathtub we get a brief shot of her breast. She also has a lengthy make out scene that stops short of sex. Her breasts and a brief full frontal are shown.


The Last Face – Charlize Theron

The Last Face

The Last Face

The Last Face is a heavy tome of a movie dealing mostly with doctors in areas of the world in heavy crisis. The scenes and depictions of violence and death are quite graphic. So if those things are not your cup of tea I would suggest not partaking in viewing the entire film. Charlize Theron is one of the two main focal characters. That being the case she is in the majority of scenes. Charlize has a number of sex scenes in the movie. Unfortunately given the tone of the movie not much is available for nudity.

Nude Scene

One of the scenes is an overhead shot down while Charlize is standing. This gives a slight backside shot of her. At the 1:20:00 mark comes her only real nudity for this movie. It is a medium length scene. She is laying in bed post-sex. We get a shot of her right breast when she rolls over. As she continues to lie in bed we clearly see the nipple of her right breast for the duration of the scene.