DVD Releases with Nudity – 01/30/18

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

Rebecca Hall shows her breasts in a threesome scene.

Ray Donovan Season 5

Episode 3- Lili Simmons ass and breasts from afar through a shower door.

Episode 5- Paula Malcomson topless in bed.

Episode 9 + 10 – Lili Simmons ass is seen as she is face down in bed. Same location in both episodes.

Episode 11- Alyssa Diaz has a quick boob peak while in bed talking.



Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad


Mom and Dad amazon video cover

Mom and Dad is an insane ride of a film where parents want to murder their children for some unknown reason. It’s worth the watch for one of Nicolas Cage’s most nutzoid over the top performances alone. Not much for nudity. Schoolgirl outfit on Annie Winter throughout. Selma Blair in a yoga class. Nudity in the movie comes from Cacia Rose. It’s during a flashback early in the movie we see her topless in a trans-am. Short scene, but very good look at her breasts. The same scene is flashbacked to again later in the movie.

The flick is currently available for rent on Amazon Video and other services.

DVD Releases with Nudity – 01/16/18

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 dvd cover

Ana de Armas breasts are seen as she is a giant hologram. Mackenzie Davis very briefly shows a side view of her ass and breasts from a distance when she gets out of bed. Sallie Harmsen shows ass and breasts in a scene covered in goo. It is a fairly lengthy scene, though.


The Snowman

The Snowman dvd cover

Silvia Busuoic has her breast revealed when her top is lowered.