Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 08/01/17

Big Little Lies – Season 1

Big Little Lies Season 1 cover art

Episode 2- Nicole Kidman has three nude scenes. In the first, her ass is briefly seen while having sex up against a wall. Next, she briefly raises her top to show her right breast. In the final scene, her top is lowered while masturbating. Her breasts are seen from far away as well as a quick close up from behind of one of them.

Episode 3- In a shower scene, Nicole Kidman shows her bare breasts. Shailene Woodley’s ass is seen in a rape scene while she recounts the event. Shailene’s ass is also seen in a darkly lit scene when she walks into the ocean.

Episode 7- Nicole Kidman’s ass and breast are seen in another showering scene.


Crashing – Season 1

Crashing Season 1 cover art

Episode 1- Lauren Lapkus left breast makes a brief appearance when her bra is moved.

Episode 8- Soara-Joye Ross shows her breast while giving a lap dance.

The Lovers

The Lovers cover art

Debra Winger shows her left breast briefly in a sex montage.

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 07/25/17

Girls Season 6

Girls Season 6 cover art

Episode 1- Jemima Kirke shows full frontal nudity. Lena Dunham has multiple nude scenes. She shows full frontal nudity.

Episode 5- Daisy Eagan is wearing just a white top so you see her ass as she prances around.

Episode 8- Jemima Kirke shows her breasts when her top is removed. Lena Dunham is also topless again.

Episode 10- Lena Dunham is topless in multiple scenes. She also has a full frontal nudity scene.



Unforgettable 2017 cover art

Rosario Dawson shows her ass when getting out of a tub.

Games of Thrones – Season 7 Episode 2

On tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel reportedly does another nude scene.

Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) finally have sex. In a dark room at Dragonstone, Nathalie unties her coat and then removes her skirt. Nathalie then removes Jacob’s clothes after a slight protest and leads him to a nearby bed. We then see Nathalie’s reaction as Jacob goes down on her. Despite no bottom frontal nudity, this is one of the better nude scenes ever on Game of Thrones as Nathalie looks even hotter here than she did in her season 4 nude scene.


The Exception – Lily James

The Exception

The Exception cover art

The Exception is a World War 2 drama starring Lily James and is available on VOD currently with an August 8, 2017, dvd release to follow. Lily James is nude a couple of times and there is also a nude scene by Verona Verbakel.

13:10- Lily James enters a room and is asked to disrobe. We see her breasts when she does. The camera angle switches and we get a full view of her ass from behind. A couple more views as she is bent over for a short sex scene.

23:34- Another sex scene with Lily this time on top. No nudity but a possible partial butt peek under her nightgown.

58:10- This time Lily is getting out of bed. If you frame by frame the scene you will see a quick flash of bush. We then see her ass and breasts again when she is standing and getting dressed.

1:11:00- Verona Verbakel when a door is opened is seen in the background completely naked. It is a quick flash from far away and the second shot is a tad out of focus.