GLOW Season 1 Nudity Review

GLOW Season 1

Episode 1- In the first ten minutes of the episode, Alison Brie is sitting on a bench in the locker room. She begins to undress and her breasts come into view as she stands. We see multiple shots of her breasts from the side as well as her ass. Around the halfway mark we see her topless again having sex. The camera is a bit far away but her breasts are once again clear while bouncing around throughout the sex scene. Towards the end, there is a closer but more obscure shot from the front when she is leaning down.

Episode 4- Sydelle Noel shows a quick flash of breasts while under her man in a sex scene. Kate Nash shows her breasts in a scene where she removes her top. There is a lengthy view while she stands there talking before putting another shirt on.


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