Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust

Playing with Dolls:Bloodlust

Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust

This is the sequel to the previously reviewed Metalface. The plot is more or less the same. A ruse of a reality show and a contract for a horror film is used this time. You can check out that review here. Our actresses who display nudity this time around are Elonda Seawood and Karin Brauns.

Nude Scenes

45:28- Elonda Seawood is in the bathroom preparing for a shower. She teases around a little bit before removing her top. The scene is brief but we get a clear shot of both of her breasts.

59:40- Karin Braun after a montage of dancing is asleep in bed. We can see she isn’t wearing a bra under her top. The killer enters the room and lifts the flap of her shirt to reveal her right breast. It is another quick scene but her breast is seen very clearly before she jumps to move.