Metalface (Playing with Dolls)



Metalface on the service I rented it was known as that. However, if you look it up on IMDB it is listed as Playing with Dolls. The sequel also utilizes that moniker. I’ll have a review of the sequel soon if that contains nudity as well. This is a somewhat run of the mill take in the horror genre. A rich guy who likes to watch people die releases a serial killer from an asylum. He then lures innocent women to the kill zone under false pretenses which he has monitored with numerous cameras. There is not a whole lot of action in this one and the production value is strictly B movie. We do however get a couple of nice nude scenes from Alanna Forte and Natasha Blasick. Natasha Blasick, in general, is a treat in her role.

Nude Scenes

5:00- Alanna Forte is wrapped to a tree with barb wire. The killer cuts the strap on her shirt and her left breast is in full view.

1:02:00- Natasha Blasick is relaxing in an exterior hot tub. We see distant views of her nipples under the water. She is then startled from her reverie and we see both of her breasts on full display. Side view of her breasts as she gets out as well.

1:21:00- Natasha is flung bent over a log in the woods. The killer removes her underwear and flips her dress onto her back. This gives us a nice side view of her bare ass.


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