GLOW Episode 1 – Alison Brie

Here is another review on the Alison Brie nudity in the upcoming Netflix series GLOW. Until the episodes actually drop in June we won’t know for sure but other reports state it is just this episode she has nudity in.

For those interested in GLOW, I’ve just seen the first episode and the Alison Brie reports are true.

There are two topless scenes in the first episode and they’re both pretty brief. The first is in a locker room, Alison removed her blouse and then puts something else on, and there are a few seconds of well-lit topless action (but mainly from the side). The second scene is, in my opinion, better: it’s a sex scene, she’s on top and again her breasts are visible mainly from the side, but you also get a shot of her leaning over from the front.

Neither of these scenes have close-ups of her nipples, but they are very much visible from the sides. I’ll have a flick through the other episodes and see what else there is.


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