I Love Dick Season One

I Love Dick

I Love Dick – Season One

I Love Dick is another Amazon Original. It tells the story of a struggling married couple who fall for the same male professor.

Episode 2

Lindsay Faye shows complete nudity. Kathryn Hahn shows breasts and butt in a lengthy sex scene. Roberta Colindrez is topless while sitting down and writing.

Episode 3

No nudity in this one. However, there is a lesbian scene with India Menuez and Roberta Colindrez.

Episode 5

Dahlya Glick is nude in two scenes. In the first one, she is topless in a sex scene with her man on a bed. The second scene she shows full frontal nudity when she strips her clothes off.

Episode 6

India Menuez is naked in three scenes. Full frontal nudity in the first one as she strips her clothes off. The second features her in the same locale topless during a live stream. In the final lengthy scene, we again get full frontal nudity from India. Roberta Colindrez also strips her shirt off baring her breasts as they are both arrested.

Episode 7

Kathryn Hahn shows her breasts while getting dressed.

Episode 8

Kathryn Hahn has two scenes in this episode. While in the bathtub we get a brief shot of her breast. She also has a lengthy make out scene that stops short of sex. Her breasts and a brief full frontal are shown.


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