The Last Face – Charlize Theron

The Last Face

The Last Face

The Last Face is a heavy tome of a movie dealing mostly with doctors in areas of the world in heavy crisis. The scenes and depictions of violence and death are quite graphic. So if those things are not your cup of tea I would suggest not partaking in viewing the entire film. Charlize Theron is one of the two main focal characters. That being the case she is in the majority of scenes. Charlize has a number of sex scenes in the movie. Unfortunately given the tone of the movie not much is available for nudity.

Nude Scene

One of the scenes is an overhead shot down while Charlize is standing. This gives a slight backside shot of her. At the 1:20:00 mark comes her only real nudity for this movie. It is a medium length scene. She is laying in bed post-sex. We get a shot of her right breast when she rolls over. As she continues to lie in bed we clearly see the nipple of her right breast for the duration of the scene.

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