Update Completed

We recently completed the update for the site. The theme of the site may change at some point once we have thoroughly tested a different one off site. So you won’t be forced to see constant alterations here. On the right sidebar you will notice some new features.

  • Archives – You can select any month all the way back to 2014 to see all posts made in that month.
  • Calendar – Any date in the calendar that a post was made can be clicked to take you directly to that day to see all posts.
  • Categories – We are updating all posts on the site into these categories. Click on any category and you will see any post ever that correlates.

Once we finish categorizing all posts into the proper Categories we will open registrations and comments. Further down the road we will add a forum to the site and as previously mentioned registration to the site will automatically give you registration to the forum as well.

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