The Assignment Nudity Review

The Assignment review from Mr. Skin.

(0:04) Eltie Pearce is in her red bra and panties.

(0:09) A bearded Michelle Rodriguez gets out of the shower. She has a penis. We also see her buns, though as a man no breasts are to be seen.

(0:14) Michelle Rodriguez (as a man) is having sex with Caitlin Gerard though we only see bodies going back and forth.

(0:20) Michelle Rodriguez (now a woman) undoes her bandages and we see her breasts and then a full frontal look at her bush in the mirror too.

(0:23) Breasts and bush on Michelle Rodriguez again in the mirror. Then she takes all of the bandages off.

(0:29) Left breast on Michelle Rodriguez peeking out of her robe while stealing from a cash register. Then her right breast when she is beating a guy with a baseball bat.

(0:44) There is a quick flashback to what is supposed to be Sigourney Weaver riding a guy though we never really see her face.

(0:46) Left breast visible on Michelle Rodriguez while she is taping her chest down.

(0:49) JOE'S GIRL is showing breasts during sex. Then after he is shot she goes somersaulting over a table showing buns.

(0:50) Michelle Rodriguez and Caitlin Gerard begin kissing. Then Girard is lying in bed in her shorts.

(1:00) Caitlin Gerard comes out of the shower giving us a nice look at her breasts. Then there is a quick bush flash from the side as she adjusts her towel and a bit of the left side of her buns from the side too.

(1:17) Panties on Michelle Rodriguez strapping a gun to her thigh and then putting her bra on.

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