Amazon Pilots 2017

Budding Prospects- Clare O’Kane shows lower frontal nudity and bare ass in an extended scene.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- Kyla Walker shows her ass. Rachel Brosnahan in addition to being topless at the end of the show also bares her ass earlier in the episode. Tansy shows her breasts.

Oasis- An extra does full frontal nudity in a shower.

Site Updates and Downtime

Quick info is the site may experience some downtime in the near future. I am going to go more into detail if you care to have all the information.

In the next couple of months we are going to be swtching the site over to a new format. This will bring some new features with it. In preparation for that we will be making changes at the server level that could lead to short periods of downtime. These server level changes will enable more speed and functionality.

Onto the changes.

SSL- When we change over to the new format we will be switching all pages on the site to SSL so that all information on the site is encrypted to protect against security exploits. This will be beneficial for a couple of the features that will be enabled. Namely making it so member logins and information are secure.

Registration and Comments- The new format will open up the ability for you to register and comment on stories that we post. When this is opened up we caution to create unique usernames because anything that looks or acts like spambots will be purged from the system.

Forum- We will also be adding forum functionality that will be integrated into the site. We are currently testing this feature but registering for an account should let you comment on stories and post to the forum with that single account. We will flesh out the forum at that time but expect a section to openly discuss upcoming nude scenes and rumors along with suggesting titles we could review.

Design- The design of the site will remain simple and to the point though there will be some additional aspects the current system doesn’t include. The site will also be optimized for all devices so visiting from mobile devices won’t be cumbersome or try to display a desktop width webpage on a mobile device.

If you have any comments on this you can utilize the current Contact Us link at the top of the page. Thank you.