Newness – Laia Costa

00 mins – Very quick flash of an uncredited topless woman. 
17 mins – Laia shows her breasts & butt during sex. 
19 mins – Laia shows her right breast briefly in the shower. 
21 mins – Laia is naked again while having sex. 
25 mins – Laia’s boyfriend has his hand down her panties and is rubbing. 
59 mins – Laia watches an uncredited topless stripper give her boyfriend a lap dance. 
60 mins – Laia’s nipples can be seen above her bra as she is having oral sex performed on her. 
61 mins – Laia makes out with an uncredited actress during a threesome. 
70 mins – Laia is topless while changing. 
83 mins – Laia shows her ass during a sex scene.

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