Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 02/21/17

Ellie Bamber shows her ass in two scenes. Lori Jean Wilson, Peggy Fields Richardson, Piper Major, and Michele Dunn show full nudity. India Salvor Menuez also shows her ass. In a very darkly lit scene Amy Adams nipple makes an appearance but there are many other movies where you can see her breasts much easier.

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 02/14/17

Christine Evangelista and Noelle Trudeau both show breasts.

Jodi Balfour shows ass and breasts in episode 1. She shows breasts again in episode 4 and breasts and ass in episode 5.

Paige Patterson shows breasts and butt in episode 2 and her butt in episode 3.

Kaley Ronayne shows ass and breasts in episode 6.

Fifty Shades Darker – Nudity Reports

Here are a couple of reports about scenes in the Fifty Shades sequel.

THE new Fifty Shades film is out here next Friday, and The Sun was the only paper at its LA launch.

Here’s our, ahem, blow-by-blow account of what awaits:

16 MINUTES: Straight down to business with Christian and Anastasia’s first lengthy romp.

20 MINS: Brief session where Christian pleasures Anastasia.

28 MINS: Racy lipstick scene where she draws on his chest.

32 & 38MINS: Now it’s getting filthy. Sequence with a sex toy that’s too graphic to detail.

47 MINS: Lots of bum and boob flashes as she bathes him before steamy shower scene.

58 MINS: Anastasia is strapped to bondage bar with foot restraints in Christian’s infamous sex dungeon for the film’s kinkiest love-making session.

1HR 11MINS: He instructs her to remove knickers at dinner and pleasures her in packed lift.

1HR 38MINS: She’s blindfolded, oiled up, put in hand restraints and . . . you get the idea.

Second review.

“Once in the bedroom, Christian undresses Ana to where she is only in a bra and tight panties. He pulls down her panties and we see her bare buttocks. He then performs oral sex on her while she is still standing, and she moans and reacts with pleasure. He is now shirtless. There is then more kissing, followed by straight sex with him on top of her thrusting repeatedly, his pants down just enough to expose about half of his bare buttocks.

Ana’s bare breasts are visible as the two lie in bed after intercourse.

We next see Ana in very sexy lingerie that leaves pretty much nothing to the imagination from the backside. Christian has Ana suck on a set of Ben Wa balls. She tells him she does not want anything put “up my butt.” He has her bend over and he inserts them into her vagina from behind, kissing her buttocks as he does. He tells her to wear them throughout the evening charity ball that they are about to attend. When she makes her first motion to walk, she has a rush of sexual pleasure from the inserted silver balls.

The scene cuts to an upstairs bedroom where Ana and Christian kiss passionately and engage in heavy petting. She exclaims, “I want you to spank me!” He strips her down until she is only wearing panties. He then ties her hands behind her, lays her down on a bed face first, removes her panties, and proceeds to deliver four increasingly hard swats to her behind. He then reaches into her vagina (no graphic nudity, the camera shows this from the side) and takes out the Ben Wa balls to her extreme pleasure. He then flips her on her back and the two have very hard, grinding sex. As they do, he orders, “Come for me!”

Ana and Christian shower together on Christian’s yacht. They are shown naked from the waist up, with Ana sensuously washing the lipstick off his torso with a soapy sponge.

The two kiss passionately while showering, and off-screen sex is implied.

Christian puts Ana over his shoulder and carries her into his bedroom. He takes off her panties and then his shirt. He then shackles her legs and spreads them apart with a rod-like device. He proceeds to sensually kiss her legs, thighs, stomach, cleavage, and mouth. He performs oral sex on her as he fondles her breast. Christian then flips Ana over and has hard, doggy-style sex with her.

The next morning, we see Ana topless when getting out of bed. Christian is sleeping shirtless.

Fully clothed, Ana and Christian kiss passionately in his shower. Christian rips off Ana’s blouse to reveal her bare breasts. He takes his shirt off and she kisses his bare chest. She then implores him to “take me to the red room!” The scene cuts to Christian’s secret room of sex toys and devices. We see Ana’s bare buttocks. He blindfolds her and shackles her hands and feet. He kisses her breasts hard and then pours some kind of oil all over her naked torso, which he rubs all over. He then swings her leg over so that she is now laying on her side and has hard, fast, pounding sex with her from the side. He then has her flat on her back, and the two continue to have hard, passionate sexual intercourse until climax.” 

Upcoming DVD Releases with Nudity – 02/07/17

Jennifer Connelly shows her ass.

Natasha Lyonne pulls her nipple through a fish net top.


Tara Arroyave is handcuffed to a bed topless.

As previously reported Imogen Poots is topless in a couple of scenes. Alexandria Lee, Emily D'Angelo and Sarah Molasky also show breasts.

Helene York is topless in episode 4. Xian Bass is topless in episode 5. Callie Hernandez is topless in episode 6. Conor Leslie is topless in episode 7.

Stéphane Caillard does a lengthy walk in which she is seen topless and her ass is seen.

Dorothy Reynolds shows breasts and backside in episode 3. Amy Farrington Shows breasts in episode 4.