Ten (2015)

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This is a weird one. Ostensibly a “horror” movie. It is definitely an experience. Ten women visit Spektor Island. Each of them portraying a certain character archetype. Beyond that there is a pig mask focus, espionage and some other stuff that is just plain weird and doesn’t necessarily tie together cohesively. However there is also some nudity in the film.

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Nude Star- Leah Principe

Scene Location- 18:00

At around the 18 minute mark her character is slipped something in her drink. As she begins to feel the effects of the drug she begins disrobing. This is a very lengthy scene in which Leah is seen completely naked as one by one she rips into the other characters. Over 3 minutes for the scene before she exits.

Scene Location- 24:20

Above shot of her naked in a tub transitioning to a full frontal when she is removed from the tub and placed on the bathroom floor.

Nude Stars- Karin Webb, Leah Principe and Porcelain Dalya

Scene Location- 54:04

All three ladies are shown in various states of full frontal laying on the floor lined up next to each other.


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