Slasher Season 1 Nudity

This is a horror series that was co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel and the United States network Chiller TV. First if you are a fan of the the genre definitely check this out. I found it to be far superior than MTV's recent attempt with Scream. The first season of 8 episodes is now available on Netflix. Unfortunately there is not a lot of nudity in the series. There are a number of sex scenes including from the star Katie McGrath in the first and last episode.

Episode 4 – Jessica Sipos hops in the water completely nude. Unfortunately much is obscured by the water but a quick shot of her ass can be made out when she gets out of the water.

Episode 5 – There are a number of times in the series where footage of old sex tapes are shown. Again most with no nudity. However in this episode an unnamed blond actress is shown with her breasts in full view.

If you uncover the name of the blond pass it along and we will update this post.

Nude on Netflix Week of 05/25/16

Gunpowder Treason and Plot– Emilia Fox has two scenes showing breasts. Clémence Poésy also shows her breasts during a sex scene.

Varsity Blues– Ali Larter’s infamous whipped cream scene resides here. Tonie Perensky also shows her breasts while wearing just a thong in a strip club. Bristi Havins has a brief topless scene as well.