Site Inactivity and Updates Information

What Happened

First I would like to thank all that continue to visit the site. Your loyalty and people reading the site is what keeps us up and active. We would love to do more with reviews and other content things but sometimes restrictions externally placed on us limit what we can do and the time we have to do it. The site hasn’t been updated in quite some time, which is never a goal, so I wanted to provide some insight to what has occurred.

For quite a length of time we have been dealing with server issues which caused slow downs and other behind the scenes issues. It took some time to track down and ferret out the problems. At this point they seem to be resolved, though hardware upgrades might be required at some point to future proof the site from these things happening again.

On the heels of that we also had issues with the computers we utilize to actually do the posting of content and updating of the site. So we had to scramble to build a new system which as you may know can come with its own unforeseen headaches. That as well has been cleared as a hurdle.

Where Do We Go From Here 

On the backend side at some point we will figure something out for trying to move to a more robust set up.

The site itself later this year will be undergoing a cosmetic change as we upgrade the software infrastructure that runs the site. We will extensively test the new set up before switching over the live site so you shouldn’t see any down time or glitches when that occurs. Though the look and layout will change some. If you have any preferences for color schemes feel free to drop us a line and we will take that into consideration. We want you the readers to be happy with how things look as well. You can always get a hold of us through the Contact Us link at the top of the page. One possible thing we could build into the site would be a forum where discussions on upcoming scenes and other things could be had. We could post a public poll here to guage interest in that. If you have any thoughts on any of this feel free to drop us a line.

On the content front. We will get back to posting updates for additions to Netflix of movies with nude scenes soon. At some point in the future we will also get a dedicated page or database up listing all that we have reported and will periodically be updated to remove ones that may no longer be on the service.

We will also be posting some more movie reviews that will include a nude collage to showcase an example of nudity in the movie. We already have a couple movies queued up and now that we have a system built that can handle the media aspect of accomplishing that we can start working on them.

Our goal is to have a site and community that thrive. We still enjoy the work we do at this site. Our goal is also for the community that visits to enjoy the site. That is why we ask for input from you the readers. You may have ideas we haven’t thought of or ideas that can enhance the site and community even more. So we always welcome your input. Thanks for your time and we look forward to continuing to keep this site moving forward with you involved.