Nude on Netflix Week of 12/16/15

Aeon Flux – Charlize Theron has a brief nip slip.

Bedazzled 1967 – Eleanor Bron’s body double is topless.

A Perfect Man – Jeanne Tripplehorn very brief shot of breasts in bed. Not the best quality.

Private Parts – This one has masses of nudity. Jenna Jameson shows everything. Breasts from Carrie Flaska and Theresa Lynn. Melanie Good shows breasts and butt.

Valley of the Dolls – Classic with brief breasts from Sharon Tate.

Crying Wolf (Ass Breasts)

Crying Wolf also alternatively known as Crying Wolf 3D even though there doesn’t seem to readily be a 3D version has some nice nude scenes in it. The movie is currently available on VOD platforms and will be released to DVD early next year. 

Report from a reviewer:

Some great nudity by some newcomers. Olivia Jewson and Gwenllian Higginson are both topless while suntanning. The scene is quite long. 

Chloe Farnworth and Alyssa Noble are both briefly topless while changing out of their bras. And Rosie Pearson shows boobs and butt before and after transforming from a werewolf.

There was also a woman who had her bra ripped off while being pursued in the woods, but I don’t know her name.