Shameless S05E11 (Various Breasts Ass)

Via Recapped:

Sasha Alexander has another nude scene on tomorrow’s Shameless. Sasha shows her ass and breasts during a sex scene. Bojana Novakovic shows part of her ass during a sex scene and later shows her breasts as she is getting changed. Shanola Hampton also shows her breasts during a sex scene. Finally, Emily Bergl is topless during a scene but it may be the work of some special effects since there are booster cables clamped on her nipples.

Shameless airs tomorrow Sunday March 29 at 9pm EST on Showtime. 

The Road Within (Zoë Kravitz-Breasts)

Zoë Kravitz (daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz) does her first nude scene in the film “The Road Within”, which premieres in theaters and on VOD April 17.

Kravitz is first shown lying naked in a grassy field with Robert Sheehan thrusting on top of her. Her breasts are only briefly visible here as the view is obscured by weeds. There is one brief clear shot of her right nipple as she turns over. Her naked back is shown but there is no butt visible. There is a other brief glimpse of breasts as she puts her shirt on, but the best view afterwards are when her breasts are shown clearly in full from a medium distance as she is flashing someone.

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Shameless S05E09 (Sasha Alexander Bojana Novakovic Shana Atias)

I’m sure we will have more in depth coverage later but here is some preview info for tomorrow’s episode.

Via Recapped:

Sunday’s Shameless features the very first nude scene ever from Sasha Alexander. Sasha, best known for her roles on NCIS and Rizzoli & Isles, shows her breasts and ass several times as she is lying in bed. Bojana Novakovic also does some naked streaking in this episode. The scene is distant and short so it may be a body double. However, that is unlikely since Bojana is no stranger to nudity and gets naked again in a future episode. As an added bonus, hottie Shani Atias is also topless briefly.

Shameless airs Sunday at 9pm EST on Showtime. 

Shameless S05E08 (Nichole Bloom-Breasts and Brief Ass)

Here is more detail on the Nichole Bloom nude scene from last night’s episode of Shameless.

It happened near the beginning of the episode during a sex scene with Jeremy Allen White. She is first shown from the side as her character was taken doggy-style. Her breasts (with very perky nips) are shown bouncing. She is shown sitting up afterwards with breasts fully on display in excellent lightning. There is then another side view as she is taken from behind again. This time, most of her butt is visible for a few seconds.
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