House of Cards S03E01 (Olivia Luccardi-Breasts)

Olivia Luccardi is topless in the first episode of House of Cards, which premiered on Netflix last night. She is playing a escort during a scene. While the lighting in the scene is generally dim, the light from a lamp is illuminating enough that her breasts and prominent nipples are visible. Earlier in the scene she is shown naked lying on her side in bed, but nothing is visible. This scene starts at around the 52:30 mark in the episode.

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Shameless S05E06 (Emmy Rossum-Breasts)


This Sunday’s Shameless brings us more Emmy Rossum nakedness. Emmy is first topless briefly as she is getting out of bed. There is then a sex scene which is similar to the one in the series premiere but there is no nudity. We then see Emmy’s breasts again as she is changing and then part of her ass from the side as she has sex.

P.S. Sasha Alexander will indeed be getting naked on Shameless next month