Banshee S03E01 (Ivana Milicevic-Breasts and Brief Ass; Lili Simmons-Left Breast; Tanya Clarke -Breasts and Ass in Thong)

Description not mine.

Banshee wastes no time getting on the nudity scoreboard in tonight’s season premiere.

6 minutes in: Ivana Milicevic shows breasts and partial ass in a sex scene. Well lit and kinda graphic, but shot in a series of quick cuts, artsy angles, and close-ups. Some more Ivana boobs during a post-coital chat.

10 minutes in: Lili Simmons gets out of bed naked, but we pretty much only see her left breast.

21 minutes in: Bare breasts and thonged ass from MILF-y blonde Tanya Clarke having fairly rough, quickie sex.

32 minutes in: Random topless strippers.