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Fortitude S01E01 (Sienna Guillory-Full Frontal)


Someone also submitted this nudity tip a few days ago:

Sienna Guillory is full frontal in the first episode of Fortitude while walking into a steam room and then when lying down.

Fortitude is new British drama series which premiers on Sky Atlantic tonight and you can also watch it on Pivot cable channel in the US.

The series follows a close-knit community of town named Fortitude which lies in the Arctic Circle in one of the safest towns on earth. But their peaceful lives get interrupted when a supermarket chain opens up a branch in the remote settlement.

The airs in the U.S tonight at 10PM on Pivot.


Ex Machina (Alicia Vikander-Full Frontal and Ass)

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair) is completely nude in the British film Ex Machina (which opened in theaters in the UK on January 21). She plays an robot named Ava. Near the end of the film, she shows full frontal (with little pubic hair) and ass as she is examining herself in a mirror. There is also nudity from others, including Soyona Mizuno, in the film. Ex Machina premieres in the U.S. at the South by Southwest festival in March and has a regular release date of April 10.

Here are some more details of the scene by reviewers at IMDb and Subzero in the comments section at

You get some full frontal, though it’s with pubic hair and no exposed labia, you get bare breasts and bare female ass”

“Yeah, Alicia shows full frontal and full on bare ass from behind. Both somewhat prolonged, and her body is lovely!”

“I just saw ex machina. A lot of full frontal and ass nudity from all actresses including the lead alicia vikander”

“I don’t want to give too much away as it might give spoilers. I’ll say this its towards the end, long scene very clear ass tits and pussy. Not shaved but little hair. AMAZING BODY”

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