Nude Streaming Pick – Mine Games (Lindsay Lamb Breasts)

Mine Games

Nude Streaming Service – Netflix

Scene Location – 19:00

Nude Stars – Lindsay Lamb

Lindsay is in bed about to engage in sex. We see her on top removing her bra giving us clear views of both breasts. We continue to see great shots of her breasts while she is in missionary then on top then being taken doggy style. In all we get a good half minute scene where her breasts are shown throughout. We also see a snippet of this scene again at the end of the film.

Nude Streaming Pick – Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (Jillian Murray – Breasts)

cabin fever patient zero

Nude Streaming Service – Netflix

Scene Location – 23:20

Nude Stars – Jillian Murray

In shadows we see Jillian remove her bikini top. We get brief view of her left breast from the side. When she turns around and partially covers herself we see her breasts from the front and again her right breast in full profile view from the side. Very good views.

The Knick S01E10 (Rachel Korine – Breasts)

Rachel Korine shows breasts in last nights season finale of The Knick on Cinemax. Right around the ten minute mark scene opens with her riding her john. We see her breasts bouncing for a second or two until they are interrupted. The views aren’t very good in clarity. After her john is assaulted we get a straight on shot of Rachel standing with great views of both breasts. The season finale is available on Cinemax on demand service MAX GO.

Inherent Vice (Katherine Waterston-Full Frontal and Ass)

Katherine Waterston has a full nude scene in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Inherent Vice, which premiered at the New York Film Festival earlier this week.

From IMDB:

2. nudity! how was it?

2. Shasta goes full frontal nude, but it is during an emotional scene. That said, she has an incredible figure. So take that for what you will. I don’t believe anyone else gets undressed in the film.

A commenter at confirmed, stating that she showed “some bush”

Saw Inherent Vice at the NYFF. Katherine Waterston has a very long nude scene. Mostly breasts, with some bush visible, then Joaquin spanks her ass and has sex with her from behind. It lasts several minutes.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 3

Here is a more detailed summary of the scene itself from Cole Smithey.

Certainly, when Phoenix’s lethargic, facial-hair-obsessed, Doc is finally spurred into erotic action by his horny submissive ex-girlfriend Shasta (Katherine Waterston), the momentarily pleasant event arrives as a literal and figurative climax. After Shasta plays with herself for an extended period of time, she lays nude across Doc’s lap before he finally get the message. Doc spanks Shasta’s butt like an amateur dom before slamping her from behind to give the movie more narrative meaning than it expresses before or after the pornographic scene.

Inherent Vice comes out in limited release on December 12, with a wider release on January 9.





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The Affair S01E01 (Ruth Wilson-Breasts and Ass)

Some very good news as  according to, Ruth Wilson has at least some nudity in the series premiere of The Affair.

The Affair premieres on Sunday, October 12. Ruth Wilson shows her ass and her breasts very briefly as she prepares to take a shower. A little later, Ruth shows part of her ass as she is having sex while bent over a car. We see this scene again later as the story is told through Ruth’s perspective but it is slightly different. Ruth is also naked during another sex scene but not much is shown. Afterwards, Ruth is in bed and raises her hand and we can see her right breast. There may also be a a very brief nipple sighting from Maura Tierney during a sex scene near the beginning of the episode.

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