Night Owls - Rosa Salazar

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This is a fun little flick with some charm and heart. Begins with a seemingly run of the mill one night stand. From there is when it get more interesting. It hits all the right notes from each side and works well. Definitely go out of your way to watch for Rosa's performance alone.

Streaming Network- Netflix

Nude Stars- Rosa Salazar

Scene Location- 16:54

This is a fairly quick scene. Without giving too much away while Rosa is being dragged into the shower we see both of her breasts.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 06/15/16

Night Owls- Rosa Salazar has a topless scene.

Sex, Love and Therapy- Sophie Marceau gives a couple of quick peeks of her nipple. Alexia Barlier briefly shows her breasts.

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Rosa Salazar