Nude on Netflix - Versailles


Season 1 of this French television series is newly available on Netflix this week. It focuses on the reign of Louis XIV and features a ton of female nudity throughout the season.

The actresses you can expect to see in various states of nudity are Alexia Giordano, Anna Brewster, Amira Casar, Maddison Jaizani, Noémie Schmidt and Valérie Thoumire.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 09/14/16

The Automatic Hate- Adelaide Clemens shows brief breasts in a scene while stripping down. Catherine Carlen and Vienna Stampeen both show full nudity.

Babel- Rinko Kikuchi has 5 nude scenes. Sprinkled through them she does full frontal and shows her butt.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 09/07/16

Road Trip- Amy Smart, Aliya Campbell, Aerica D'Amaro, Bridgett Wise and Jaclyn DeSantis all have topless scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/31/16

Blue is the Warmest Color- This one likely needs no introduction. Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos take part in some of the most infamous lesbian scenes in recent cinema history. Nudity by both throughout.

The Concubine- Yeo-Jeong Jo is nude in four scenes showing ass and breasts.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/24/16

My Golden Days- Lou Roy-Lecollinet shows ass and breasts across three scenes. Mélodie Richard shows full frontal nudity.

Working Girl- In this classic Elizabeth Whitcraft does full frontal nudity. Melanie Griffith shows breasts in two scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/17/16

Kelly & Cal- Juliette Lewis is nude in two scenes. One of which is full nudity.

Final Destination 3- Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe both show breasts and butt in a tanning booth scene.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 08/03/16

The Tribe- Yana Novikova has 5 scenes in which she is nude. Two of which are full nudity.

Tricked- Gaite Jansen is topless in two scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 07/27/16

The Invitation- Lindsay Burdge shows lower frontal nudity. Tammy Blanchard is topless in a bathtub scene.

Marcella- Anna Friel is nude in 2 episodes. Florence Pugh is topless in 2 episodes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 07/20/16

Darling- Lauren Ashley Carter shows breasts in a shower.

Deathgasm- Delaney Tabron and Kimberley Crossman both show breasts.

Penny Dreadful Seasons 1 - 2- In the first two seasons Billie Piper does nudity among 3 episodes. Eva Green shows in 1 episode. Sarah Greene in 3 episodes. Olivia Chenery in 4 episodes. Nicole O'Neill in 3 episodes. Charlotte Beckett in 1 episode.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 07/06/16

The Big Short- Heighlen Boyd has a topless scene while dancing.

Shameless- Season 1 - 4 of this stellar series is now on Netflix featuring a very massive amount of nudity. Through the first 4 seasons you will see Emmy Rossum in 13 nude scenes. Shanola Hampton in 9 nude scenes. Laura Wiggins in 5 nude scenes. Molly Price in 1 nude scene. Emma Greenwell in 8 nude scenes. Stephanie Fantauzzi in 6 nude scenes. Galadriel Stineman in 1 nude scene. Isidora Goreshter in 2 nude scenes. Lisa Long in 2 nude scenes. Taylor Cardace in 1 nude scene. Virginia Morris in 1 nude scene. Nichole Bloom in 2 nude scenes.

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Nude on Netflix