Nude on Netflix Week of 07/20/16

Darling- Lauren Ashley Carter shows breasts in a shower.

Deathgasm- Delaney Tabron and Kimberley Crossman both show breasts.

Penny Dreadful Seasons 1 - 2- In the first two seasons Billie Piper does nudity among 3 episodes. Eva Green shows in 1 episode. Sarah Greene in 3 episodes. Olivia Chenery in 4 episodes. Nicole O'Neill in 3 episodes. Charlotte Beckett in 1 episode.

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Nude Streaming Pick - Jug Face 2013 (Lauren Ashley Carter Breasts)

Jug Face

Streaming Service - Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix

Scene Location - 04:18

Nude Stars - Lauren Ashley Carter

Lauren Ashley Carter is being begged for sex in this scene. We later in the film find out it is her brother. They go behind a tree and Lauren's dress is pulled down from the top and we see her right and then left breast in full view briefly before the scene cuts away the first time. The scene returns and we see both breasts in full view again as she raises her arms and pulls the brother's shirt over his head. The scene cuts back and forth a couple of more times while they have sex against the tree. Each time we see a full shot of her right breast.

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Lauren Ashley Carter