Nude on Netflix Week of 07/20/16

Darling- Lauren Ashley Carter shows breasts in a shower.

Deathgasm- Delaney Tabron and Kimberley Crossman both show breasts.

Penny Dreadful Seasons 1 - 2- In the first two seasons Billie Piper does nudity among 3 episodes. Eva Green shows in 1 episode. Sarah Greene in 3 episodes. Olivia Chenery in 4 episodes. Nicole O'Neill in 3 episodes. Charlotte Beckett in 1 episode.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 06/29/16

Cronies- Kelsey Roof has two topless scenes.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For- Eva Green is in a handful of nude scenes including one that is full frontal. Juno Temple also shows her breasts in a scene.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For(Eva Green Breasts Ass Juno Temple Breasts)

Some early reports on nudity in the new Sin City flick which opens tomorrow in theaters. 

From an IMDB user.

Juno Temple shows her boobs for like a minute. Eva Green is mostly naked in her story. Some shots you can't see, and some are crystal clear. But yeah, check out The Dreamers, where she's naked in it practically the whole time.


 I saw an advanced screening of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For last night and can confirm that they didn't blur or hide Eva Green's body as in the trailers (except for her lady bits). You see her ass and boobs quite a bit and it's spectacularly shot. Sometimes things are obscured a little but others are great bright shots. 

Juno Temple does get naked but it's pretty short and not great views.

Mr. Skin's page on the movie also lists her and Eva Green as nude. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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Nude Streaming Pick - Cracks 2009 (Eva Green Juno Temple Maria Valverde Breasts)


Streaming Service - Netflix

Scene Location - 29:44

Nude Stars - Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde

Eva leads the girls she teaches out for a night of naked swimming. We see Eva disrobe and get a couple of views of her left breast including nipple. We also see some side breast from Juno Temple and Maria Valverde. The other girls are shown from a far off shot when they disrobe and jump in the water and we also see some shots from below while they are all swimming.

Non-Nude Scene of Note - Later in the movie Eva Green takes advantage of a passed out Maria Valverde and begins making out with her. Kissing her on the lips and beginning to undress her.

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Penny Dreadful S01E05 (Eva Green-Breasts)

On Sunday night's episode of Penny Dreadful, Eva Green was shown naked lying on her back in bed having sex with an invisible Devil. The scene lasts for about 10 seconds. She is shown writhing on the bed, but with the way her legs are positioned, only her breasts are visible.

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Eva Green