Eliza Dushku Banshee Nudity

Reports suggest on Friday's episode of Banshee Eliza will be baring her backside and a bit of side boob.

On Friday’s BansheeEliza Dushku shows her ass and some sideboob as she removes her towel. Eliza shows some more sideboob during another scene later on. Casey LaBow also shows part of her ass during a sex scene.

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Banshee S03E02 (Tanya Clarke-Breasts;Others-Breasts and Brief Ass)

Description Not Mine.

Disappointing episode of Banshee tonight, with none of the nudity supplied by series regulars.

26 minutes in: A couple women I didn't recognize take part in a threesome. After checking the closing credits, I think they're Drea Garcia and Trinity Wright, but consider that unconfirmed for now. Anyway, both show breasts and there are some hints of ass as well.

30 minutes in: Tanya Clarke is topless in bed. We see her breasts, but the lighting's not great.

Non-nude scenes of note: A guy unbuttoning Ivana Milicevic's pants and going down on her; Lili Simmons going for a swim in a white bikini; attractive guest star Surely Alvelo as a hooker paying a house call in bra and panties; Odette Annable showing some cleavage and generally acting like a badass; Afton Williamson getting hit on by a guy (which I suspect might pay off later in the season); Meaghan Rath making a fetching debut in her deputy uniform. There's also a quick flashback to Ivana's sex scene from last week, but I don't think it was anything new.

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Banshee S03E01 (Ivana Milicevic-Breasts and Brief Ass; Lili Simmons-Left Breast; Tanya Clarke -Breasts and Ass in Thong)

Description not mine.

Banshee wastes no time getting on the nudity scoreboard in tonight's season premiere.

6 minutes in: Ivana Milicevic shows breasts and partial ass in a sex scene. Well lit and kinda graphic, but shot in a series of quick cuts, artsy angles, and close-ups. Some more Ivana boobs during a post-coital chat.

10 minutes in: Lili Simmons gets out of bed naked, but we pretty much only see her left breast.

21 minutes in: Bare breasts and thonged ass from MILF-y blonde Tanya Clarke having fairly rough, quickie sex.

32 minutes in: Random topless strippers.


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The Knick S01E10 (Rachel Korine - Breasts)

Rachel Korine shows breasts in last nights season finale of The Knick on Cinemax. Right around the ten minute mark scene opens with her riding her john. We see her breasts bouncing for a second or two until they are interrupted. The views aren't very good in clarity. After her john is assaulted we get a straight on shot of Rachel standing with great views of both breasts. The season finale is available on Cinemax on demand service MAX GO.

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The Knick S01E09 (Juliet Rylance-Breasts)

Juliet Rylance showed breasts during a scene with Andre Holland (Algernon) during last night's episode of The Knick. The lighting in the scene is flickering and somewhat dim but the toplessness is visible enough. Her breasts are first shown as she is sitting on a settee, smoking a cigarette.  There is one more view of her breasts from the side as she walks over to Holland.

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Weekend Nudity Recap

-Sorry for the brevity, but there are other issues I am dealing with right now.

- Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lizzy Caplan and Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad) all had topless scenes on last night's season finale of Masters of Sex (01E12).  Caitlin Fitzgerald showed breasts while undressing for a bath and then later during a sex scene. Caplan showed breasts during a sex scene with Michael Sheen. Brandt showed her right breast in a bathroom doorway while changing clothes.

-On Outlander (S01E8), Caitriona Balfe shows breasts during an outdoor sex scene and breasts and ass in a unpleasant scene in which she is assaulted.

-On Boardwalk Empire (S05E04), Jessy Smith plays a burlesque dancer whose right pastie falls off, revealing her breast.

-On The Knack (S01E07), Rachel Korine briefly shows breasts from a distance as she is taken from behind.






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The Knick S01E05 (Rachel Korine-Breasts)

Rachel Korine had another nude scene on Friday Night's episode of The Knick. She shows left breast while lying in bed while Jeremy Bobb's (Herman Barrow) head is resting on her other breast.

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The Knick S01E03 (Rachel Korine-Breasts)

On the latest episode of The Knick (which aired Friday night on Cinemax), Rachel Korine (previously nude in Spring Breakers) shows breasts. Her character, Junia, is a prostitute, is shown tearing off her clothes while pretending there is an imaginary insect on her.

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