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In Spike Jonze's film Her, May Lindstrom is shown completely nude from the side and front while pregnant. Her is currently in limited release and opens in wide release on January 10.

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There was a little bit of nudity in Tuesday's season premiere of Justified (airing on FX). Aubrey Wood and Kaitlin Ferrel were shown skinny-dipping in a above-ground pool. For most part, the pool water somewhat obscured the view, but they were also both shown climbing the ladder to get out of the pool.

Justified airs Tuesday nights at 10PM on FX.

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Movies Rated R for Nudity:

Maps to the Stars
Rated R For strong disturbing violence and sexual content, graphic nudity, language and some drug material.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon
NOTE: Directed by David Cronenberg.

My Man Is A Loser
Rated R For pervasive language, sexual content and some graphic nudity.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Sean Young, Tika Sumpter, Alexandra Stebbins (plays "Bar Flasher"), Emilie Kuznicki (plays "Stripper"), Takara Sewitt (plays "Stripper"), Britteny Lynn Schruefer (plays "Go-Go Dancer")

Nurse 3D
Theatrical Release Date: February 7, 2014 (Also Premiering VOD)
Rated R For bloody violence, strong sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.
Actress Confirmed Nude: Paz De La Huerta
Actress Possibly Nude: Katrina Bowden (Ass)
NOTE: According to this review on the IMDB Message Board, Bowden shows her butt, but until I get further confirmation, I suspect that there is a body double involved.

Movies Rated R for Sexual Content:

Death Do Us Part
Rated R For violence, language, some sexual material and brief drug use.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Julia Benson, Emilie Ullerup

Bold Title - Online
- (720)
-- (1080/Bluray)

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

January 7:
-Back in the Day (Crystal Rose Farmer-Breasts) (VOD Release Date)
January 17:
-Back in the Day (Crystal Rose Farmer-Breasts) (Theatrical Release Date)
January 24:
-Gloria (Paulina Garcia-Full Frontal; Older Actress)
February 7:
-Nurse 3D (Paz De La Huerta) (Also Premiering VOD)
February 14:
-Girl on a Bicycle (Nora Tschirner-Brief Left Breast;Sex Scene; Louise Monot-Breasts and Ass;In Tub During Modeling Shoot)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

December 17:
-Alien Uprising (Maya Grant-Brief Breasts) --
January 7:
--Copper: Season Two (Anastasia Griffith-Ass and Brief Right Breast, Episode 1; Tessa Thompson;Ass, Episode 2; Kendra Anderson-Brief Breasts, Episode 7)
-House of Lies: The Second Season (Christine Nguyen-Bush and Ass-Episode 3); Tiffany Tynes-Breasts, Episode 3; Erika Jordan, Halszka Kuza-Breasts and Ass, Episode 3; Dawn Olivieri-Breasts, Episode 9) -
January 14:
-You're Next (Kate Lyn Sheil-Brief Breasts --. Margaret Laney-Breasts)
February 4:
-The Banshee Chapter (Monique Candelaria-Right Breast)
-Dallas Buyers Club (Sarah Eilts-Breasts)
-Scorned (Viva Blanca-Brief Breasts)
February 11:
-2 Jacks (Sienna Miller-Breasts) -
February 25:
-You Will Be My Son (AKA Tu seras mon fils) (Anne Marivin-Brief Left Nipple)
March 18:
-The Patience Stone (AKA Syngue Sabour) (Golshifteh Farahani-Brief Right Breast;Washing Herself Using Metal Bucket) --
-Swerve (Emma Booth-Breasts) --

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-All the Light in the Sky (Jane Adams, Sophia Takal-Full Frontal and Brief Ass) (Premiered in Theaters December 20, Already Available On Demand) -
-Omnívoros (AKA Omnivores) (Sara Gómez-Breasts, Ass, and Brief Full Frontal, Unpleasant Scene;Marta Flich-Breasts; Esther Lara-Breasts, Unpleasant Scene;Rebeca Moreno-Breasts and Brief Ass, Unpleasant Scene) (Currently on VOD)
-The Wolf of Wall Street (Margot Robbie-Breasts, Brief Full Frontal and Ass in Thong; Katarina Cas-Full Frontal, Possible Merkin)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-Expiation (AKA Iskupleniye) (Viktoriya Romanenko-Breasts and Brief Ass) -
-Goltzius and the Pelican Company (Anne-Louise Hassing,Halina Reijn,Kate Moran-Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia; Maaike Neuville-Full Frontal; Unidentified-Full Frontal, Visible Labia)
-Grand Central (Léa Seydoux-Full Frontal, Shadowy Bush; Camille Lellouche-Ass) --
-Hoe Duur was de Suiker (AKA The Price of Sugar) (Gaite Jansen,Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, Unidentified Actresses-Breasts) --

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-Une place sur la Terre (AKA A Place on Earth) (Ariane Labed-Brief Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene)
-Stalnaya babochka (Darya Melnikova-Ass and Brief Breasts and Bush) -
-Vendetta (Naomi Todd-Breasts, Unpleasant Scene; Anna Tyrie-Breasts; Kat Dee-Right Breast from Side) --
-Wolf (Bo Maerten-Breasts)

Short Films:

-Hvor Lyset Kommer Ind (Signe Egholm Olsen-Breasts) --
-Le quepa sur la vilni! (Pauline Bayle,Alix Bénézech-Breasts) --
-y2o (Vanessa Pilon-Breasts and Brief Ass) Link to Preview w/Nudity


-Badehotellet (Season 1, Episode 2) (Amalie Dollerup-Breasts and Ass) -
-Freddy Leven In De Brouwerij (Television Miniseries) (Elisa Beuger-Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene) -
-Le général du roi (TV Movie) (Louise Monot-Breasts) --
-Girls (Season 3) (Lena Dunham-Breasts; Gaby Hoffmann-Bush)
-Ohne Dich (TV Movie) (Stefanie Stappenbeck-Brief Left Breast) -
-Die Pilgerin (Part 1) (TV Miniseries) (Josefine Preuss-Brief Left Breast) -
-Die Pilgerin (Part 2) (TV Miniseries) (Josefine Preuss-Brief Ass, Brief Right Breast, Unpleasant Scene) -
-Shameless (Season 4, Episode 1) (Emmy Rossum-Breasts)--
-True Detective (Season 1, Episode 2)(Alexandra Daddario-Breasts, Ass; Brief Full Frontal, Bush)
-True Detective (Season 1, Episode 3)(Michelle Monaghan-Brief Breasts)
-L'Ultimo Weekend (Television Movie) (Cristina Puccinelli-Breasts)
-Van God Los (Season 3, Episode 6) (Mariana Aparicio Torres-Breasts and Brief Ass) -

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In the film Scorned, Viva Bianca (Spartacus) briefly shows breasts while handcuffed in a bathtub by AnnaLynne Mccord (90210). There are really just a few glimpses. Mccord is shown topless while running around outside with Billy Zane. Her breasts are partially shown, but it is indiscernible if her nipples are actually visible in the scene.

Later on in the movie, there is a scene while Blanca is in bed being tortured. You can briefly see one of her nipples under the opening in the sheet.

Scorned comes out on DVD February 4.

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The season premiere of Shameless premiered early on Showtime On-Demand and Emmy Rossum has a topless scene. Rossum is topless as Fiona is in bed with a new boyfriend during sex and afterwards. She is on her back but her breasts are fully visible for quite awhile.