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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this weekend in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: The Invisible Woman
Theatrical Release Date: December 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Joanna Scanlan (Ass and Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:32) Buns and left breast on Joanna Scanlan as Ralph Fiennes walks in on her as she turns around."

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
Theatrical Release Date: December 25, 2013
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Margot Robbie (Breasts;Possibly More); Katarina Cas
NOTE: Here is a review (not mine) from someone who saw the film that states both Margot Robbie and Katarina Cas go full frontal. There is still some question as to whether or not they are wearing merkins. "I saw The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday for Christmas. Talk about a great Christmas treat nudity wise. The movie is packed with full frontal nudity mostly from extras playing hookers in orgy scenes. Margot Robbie has 2 nude scenes and a underwear scene in a thong. The first is definitely the best. Leo goes up to her apartment for some tea. He starts the fireplace while she changes into something more comfortable in the next room. Next thing you know she opens the door stading there fully nude for a few seconds shocking him and the audience. The scene cuts to them having sex where we see her topless from above. A later scene has her briefly topless while having sex on a pile of money. Katarina Cas also has a full frontal scene near the end of the movie."

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Adventures in the Sin Bin (2012)
DVD Release Date: December 27
Actress Confirmed Nude: Jennifer Monce (Breasts, Sex Scene in Van)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "The van is a rockin', and Jennifer Monce's magnificent melons are visible through the back window."

Movie: Cassadaga (2011)
DVD Release Date: December 31
Actress Confirmed Nude: Brooke Lawless (Breasts;Posing for Art Class)

Movie: CBGB
DVD/Bluray Release Date: December 31
Actress Confirmed Nude: Katherine DuBois (Brief Left Breast;Topless in Nightclub, Whipped Cream Sprayed on Breasts)

Movie: Don Jon --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: December 31
Actresses Confimed Nude: Alexis Texas, Kayden Kross, Tori Black (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "In this case, the "someone else" is Alexis Texas, Kayden Kros, and Tori Black who all get topless in porno clips."

Movie: Hell Baby (2013) --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: December 31
DVD Order Link
Actress Confirmed Nude: Riki Lindhome (Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia)
NOTE: Lindhome is shown fully nude as Rob Corddry walks in on her in the shower and then they have a discussion afterwards. From "We’ve clocked the Riki Lindhome scene at over 3 minutes with four (shaved) full frontal shots, an ass shot, and lots of lotioning." The lighting on the full frontal is not great, but lips are visible, especially in the third full frontal shot. This scene happens at around the 53-minute mark.

Movie: Sanitarium --
DVD Release Date: December 31
DVD Order Link
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Mayra Leal (Breasts) --; Nova Aragon (Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "On top of some strip club boobage, lovely Latina Mayra Leal bares her brownies while banging a dude. Also, Nova Aragon makes her nude debut, flashing some left funbag while resting in bed with Lou Diamond Phillips."

Movie: Sweetwater (AKA Sweet Vengeance) (Available on VOD) --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: December 31
Actresses Confirmed Nude: January Jones, Jiji Hise (Breasts) Jenny Gabrielle (Full Frontal and Brief Ass)
NOTE: At the 1:10:00 mark, Jones is shown topless in a river while shooting down some bad guys. At 29 minutes, Gabriele shows full frontal after pulling off her dress. At 28 minutes, Hise shows breasts during a sex scene with Jason Issacs.

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NOTE: There are no ratings this week due to the Christmas holiday.

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

January 10:
-Redlands (Nicole Fox-Left Breast and Ass;Visible Labia) Link to Trailer With Nudity
January 17:
-Gloria(Paulina Garcia-Full Frontal; Older Actress)
March 7:
-300: Rise of An Empire (Eva Green-Breasts)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

December 3:
-Il Futuro (AKA The Future) (Manuela Martelli-Full Frontal and Ass) --
January 7:
-Thanks for Sharing (Natalia Volkodaeva-Brief Breasts, Sex Scene) --
January 14:
-Riddick (Katee Sackhoff-Brief Left Breast; Charlie Marie Dupont-Full Frontal and Brief Ass) --

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-Hunting Season (Lauren Lee Smith-Breasts and Brief Ass) --

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-Afterparty (Alicia Sanz-Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene, Andrea Dueso-Right Breast, Unidentified Actresses-Breasts) --
-Les Apaches (Andréa Brusque-Ass) -
-Belle du Seigneur (Natalia Vodianova-Breasts and Ass) --
-Blinder (Rose McIver-Brief Ass and Brief Left Breast from Side) --
-Body Complete (Sadzida Setic-Breasts)
-Heli (Linda Gonzalez,Reina Torres-Breasts)
-Jeg er din (AKA I am Yours) (Amrita Acharia-Ass and Brief Left Breast Peeking Out from Open Shirt) -
-Invasion (Anna Wappel,Heike Trinker-Breasts)
-Low Life (Maud Wyler,Camille Rutherford-Breasts) --

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-Der Preis (Wiebke Bachmann-Right Breast; Sex Scene)
-Tesis sobre un homicidio (AKA Thesis on a Homicide) (Agustina Simonini-Full Frontal,Playing Corpse; Calu Rivero-Breasts Annie Fink-Brief Ass)--
-Two Little Boys (Erin Banks-Breasts) --
Los últimos días (Marta Etura-Brief Right Breast, Sex Scene)

Short Films:
-Bal de Nuit (Maud Wyler-Breasts and Brief Ass)--
-Une constitution(Virginie Ranger-Beauregard-Breasts; Nathalie Coupal-Right Breast)
-Ophelia (Audrey Bastien-Breasts, Unpleasant Scene) --
-Stay With Me (Christina Ochoa-Breasts and Brief Ass)


-Beste Bescherung (Television Movie) (Anneke Schwabe-Breasts)
-Der Clan - Die Geschichte der Familie Wagner (Television Movie) (Marie Löcker-Left Breast; Petra Schmidt-Schaller-Breasts; Eva Löbau-Left Breast,Nipple Sucked; Daniela Golpashin-Brief Left Breast)
-Chosen (Season 2, Episode 4) (Sarah Roemer-Brief Right Breast from Side; Blurry) Link to Full Episode
-Deux Flics sur les Docks (Season 3, Episode 2) (Émeline Frémont and Brief Ass-Breasts, Unpleasant Scene) --
-Better Man (Season 1, Episode 1) (Kate Nhung-Right Breast)
-La famille Katz (Season 1, Episode 5) (Natacha Lindinger-Breasts; In Bathtub) --
-Spuren des Bösen - Zauberberg (Television Movie) (Marie-Lou Sellem-Brief Ass)
-Toast of London (Season 1, Episode 6) (Rikke Leigh-Full Frontal and Brief Ass) -
-True Detective (Season 1, Episode 2) (Alexandra Daddario-Breasts and Ass; Possible Merkin)
-True Detective (Season 1, Episode 3) (Michelle Monaghan-Breasts)
-Unite 9 (Season 1, Episode 6) (Celine Bonnier-Breasts)
-Zak (Season 3, Episode 17) (Olivia Cote-Bush) --
-Zak (Season 3, Episode 18) (Olivia Cote-Bush and Brief Ass) --
-Zurück ins Leben(Television Movie) (Julia Cencig-Brief Right Breast)

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Lauren Lee Smith (Lie With Me) has nude scenes in the film Hunting Season, which has been airing on Cinemax for awhile and is still available on Cinemax On-Demand.

In the first scene at 20:00 , she shows breasts while getting in a shower. Afterwards there are some brief shots of her breasts and butt while showering, mostly from an aerial view above the shower head. In the second scene at 40:00 , there is one more breast shot and a shadowy full frontal with nothing really visible as she gets out. In the third scene at 1:02:00, she briefly shows breasts a couple of times as she sits up ,startled, in a bathtub.

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This is a blog that will detail upcoming female nude scenes in theaters, on DVD, and on television. NOTE:Descriptions of nudity and links to picture and video content will be included. If that offends you,please use the back button.


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