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In the web series Chosen (airing on Crackle), Sarah Roemer (Disturbia) shows some very brief nudity in the 4th episode of the second season. After she turns away from walking in on Milo Ventimiglia in the shower, a blurry shot of her right breast is briefly visible. There is some partial nudity in the sex scene afterwards.

The link to view the entire episode is below. The scene in the shower starts at around the 10:15 mark.

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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this weekend in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Her
Theatrical Release Date: December 18 (Limited Release)
Screens: 6
Actress Confirmed Nude: May Lindstrom (Full Frontal and Ass;Photos)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:05) Joaquin Phoenix looks at covered nude photos of a pregnant May Lindstrom on his phone. Covering her breasts with her hands and arm. Leg arched over crotch. (0:09) We see buns and full frontal breasts and bush on May Lindstrom as Joaquin Phoenix is having phone sex with "Sex Kitten" played (in voice only) by Kristen Wiig who does a passionate moaning voiceover while asking Phoenix to describe a very odd fetish."

Movie: All the Light in the Sky
Theatrical Release Date: December 20 (Already Available On Demand)
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Jane Adams, Sophia Takal (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Mr. Skin firmly believes that women of all ages are worth whipping up some baby batter, as evidenced by Jane's bare buttcrack and bush in the first minute of the movie, followed by Sophia's suck sacks and seat meat 23 minutes in, Jane and Sophia both full-frontal hosing each other off at the 24-minute mark, and an encore for Jane's eclairs 47 minutes in."

Movie: The Invisible Woman
Theatrical Release Date: December 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Joanna Scanlan (Ass and Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:32) Buns and left breast on Joanna Scanlan as Ralph Fiennes walks in on her as she turns around."

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
Theatrical Release Date: December 25, 2013
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Margot Robbie (Breasts;Possibly More); Katarina Cas
NOTE: Margot Robbie definitely shows breasts. There is at least a some full frontal from her also, but it may also possibly be a merkin. Katarina Cas also has some possible full frontal nudity. From "Margot Robbie has several nude scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street. First, we see Margot standing in the doorway nude (no full frontal). She and Leo then have sex. Later, there may be a hint of Margot’s nips as Leo is doing coke off her cleavage. Lastly, Margot is topless again during another sex scene."

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Una Noche
DVD Release Date: December 24
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Unidentified (Breasts)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "An older woman washes herself in the shower, breasts are shown briefly in extreme closeup." "A girl follow her father on his way to work and catches him having sex with another woman, female breasts and brief male genitalia are shown.

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Movies Rated R for Nudity:

The Best Offer (AKA La migliore offerta) --
Rated R for some sexuality and graphic nudity
Theatrical Release Date: January 3
Actress Confirmed Nude: Sylvia Hoeks (Breasts and Ass;Brief Bush Visible in Mirror)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Sylvia soaks in the tub while her elderly manpanion gazes on. And when she stands up we get a nice reflection of her soaking wet bush in the mirror."

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Theatrical Release Date: January 3
Rated R for pervasive language, some violence, graphic nudity and some drug use
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Unidentified
Other Actresses in Film: From IMDB Message Board: "There is a scene where two naked women paint cult symbols on their bodies with blood. It shows pretty much everything."

Theatrical Release Date: March 21
Rated R for language, sexual content/nudity, some drug use and brief violence
Actresses Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Brooklyn Decker, Mindy Robinson (Plays Russian Hooker); Anne McDaniels (Plays Ignacio's Exotic Dancer); Jacqui Holland (Plays Hooker 1); Yasmin Yeganeh (Plays Hooker 3)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, graphic nudity, drug use and some violence.
Actresses Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Gillian Jacobs

The Midnight Game
Rated R for violent content, language, brief nudity, and some drug use
Actresses Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Renee Olstead, Shelby Young

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

December 6:
-Crave (Emma Lung-Breasts and Brief Ass; Helena Kash-Breasts) -
January 10:
-The Banshee Chapter (Monique Candelaria-Right Breast)
December 13:
-Trap for Cinderella (Tuppence Middleton-Breasts) (Also Premiering VOD) --
December 20:
-All the Light in the Sky (Jane Adams, Sophia Takal-Full Frontal and Ass) (Already Available On Demand)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

December 10:
-7E (Antonella Lentini-Left Breast)
December 17:
-Havana 57 (Elisabetta Fantone-Breasts, Sex Scene)
-Shameless: The Complete Third Season Shanola Hampton-Breasts-Episode 1, 4, 9; Right Breasts, Episode 6); Emmy Rossum-Breasts-Episode 2,5); Emma Greenwell-Brief Ass-Episode 2; Breasts-Episode 3, 4, 11; Breasts and Ass-Episode 9; Brief Breasts-Episode 10; Stephanie Fantauzzi-Left Breast-Episode 3; Ass and Brief Breasts-Episode 5, 7; Galadriel Stineman-Breasts-Episode 4 ;Isidora Goreshter-Breasts and Ass-Episode 6; Lisa Long-Breasts-Episode 10)--
January 14:
-Riddick (Katee Sackhoff-Brief Left Breast; Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal) --
January 28:
-Concussion (Robin Weigert-Ass and Brief Breasts; Kate Rogal-Brief Right Breast;Ass in Thong; Erika Latta-Breasts)
-Darkroom (Kaylee DeFer-Brief Left Breast, Changing Clothes, Possible Body Double -
February 4:
-Scorned (Viva Blanca-Breasts)
February 11:
-Blue Is the Warmest Color (AKA La Vie D'Adele Chapitres 1 et 2) (Adèle Exarchopoulos-Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia;Léa Seydoux-Breasts and Ass)
February 18:
-Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season(Elisa Lasowski-Breasts (Episode 1);Rose Leslie-Breasts and Ass (Episode 5); Gwendoline Christie-Ass, Possible Body Double (Episode 5); Charlotte Hope-Full Frontal and Ass (Episode 7); Stephanie Blacker-Breasts and Ass (Episode 7); Oona Chaplin-Ass (Episode 7); Emilia Clarke-Breasts and Ass (Episode 8); Carice Van Houten-Breasts and Ass (Episode 8)
-Nurse Jackie: Season 5 (Betty Gilpin-Brief Ass (Episode 1); Breasts (Episodes 5 & 6))-

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-Return to Nuke'Em High: Volume 1 (Kelsey Lehman-Breasts and Ass;Catherine Corcoran, Asta Paredes-Breasts) Link to Trailer With Nudity

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-Der böse Onkel (AKA Evil Uncle)(Julia Heydkamp-Breasts; Miriam Japp-Full Frontal);Paula Schramm-Full Frontal and Brief Ass;Tabitha Deipenbrock-Full Frontal and Brief Ass, Visible Labia; Verena Berger-Full Frontal, Obese; Unidentified Actress (Bush, Visible Labia;Body Double for Julia Heydkamp; Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia)
-Caged (Chantal Demming,Babette Holtmann-Full Frontal and Ass, Unpleasant Scenes;Corine van der Helm-Breasts and Ass;Brechje Lyklema-Full Frontal and Brief Ass)
-Jeune & Jolie (AKA Young and Beautiful) (Marine Vacth-Breasts and Brief Full Frontal and Ass)
-Landes (Marie Gillain-Left Breast; Underwater in Bathtub)
-Le Mentor (Solène Hebert-Full Frontal)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-Sex, Drugs & Taxation (AKA Spies Og Gilstrup) (Camilla Cornelia Lehmann-Full Frontal and Brief Ass;Sarahsita Lassen-Full Frontal; Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal and Ass);Pia Lund-Breasts; Elsa Löfberg, Marie Mailand, June Staal Nielsen) --
-Zimmer 205 (AKA 205: Room of Fear) (Jennifer Ulrich-Breasts) --

-The Girls Guide to Depravity (Season 2, Episode 13) (Chasty Ballesteros-Ass;Tessa Harnetiaux-Breasts and Brief Ass;Meg Barrick, Susannah Allman-Breasts and Ass)
-Masters of Sex (Season 1, Episode 12)(Lizzy Caplan-Brief Breasts, Scenes from Previous Episode)
-Witches of East End (Season 1, Episode 10) (Mädchen Amick-Ass) -

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UPDATE: A HD Clip is now available. The film comes out on DVD/Bluray on January 14.

UPDATE: The movie is out today. It sounds like her nudity is very brief, as her left breast is briefly visible from the side while showering.

There is also a scene with four women in bed together, one showing full-frontal.

UPDATE:The IMDB poster gave a little bit more additional information.

"It's a side shot, but you see her full chest."

There was a public screening of the upcoming film "Riddick" this past Thursday. The IMDB message poster who announced the screening and watched the film had this to say about nudity from Katee Sackhoff in the film.

"She gets fully topless, but it's a relatively quick glimpse".

Only one source, but the screening he announced beforehand did happen and he has given other details about the film. Riddick premieres in theaters on September 6.

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There was a shadowy view of Mädchen Amick's butt in the season finale of Witches of East End, which aired Sunday night on Lifetime.

This is a blog that will detail upcoming female nude scenes in theaters, on DVD, and on television. NOTE:Descriptions of nudity and links to picture and video content will be included. If that offends you,please use the back button.


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