UPDATE: There is a fairly good quality cam clip of the long sex scene available.

Nolo from Celebtop has just seen "Blue is the Warmest Color" and provided his review of the nude scenes below.

This is my review of La Vie d'Adele parts 1 & 2

First of all, this is one of the best movies I have seen recently. The description of the discovering of Adele's sexuality ,the attraction, the seduction between people(GG or BG) and the end of the affairs are quite impressive. The acting is amazing and the camera work is awesome in crowd action. You forget very soon that it is a lesbian affair and it becomes a love affair.

Secondly, I don't believe at all in the fake kitty story, I understand people from the movie are worried about censorship and people's reaction, but really it is their bodies and nothing else.

Now the nudity review:

15min: Adele dreams about Lea in bed, switching between the dream and her masturbation with no difference in lighting. Lea is shown grabbing and licking Adele's boob and Adele is caressing herself when alone.

Around 21min: BG sex scene with Adele. Different angles with her on top. There is no penetration shown but a clear view of an erection and a pussy shot from behind when they stop having sex. There are tits and ass in the scene as well.

3 sex scenes between 1h20 and 1h40 between Adele and Lea:

First one is the longest. I imagine there is at least 3 or 4 minutes of rough sex with a lot of licking, finger penetration, dutch tulip position, 69 and moaning There is a clear but short view on Adele's pussy when it is licked by lea. I think I saw a very short view of lea's lips from behind (don't remember if licking or fingering), but mainly angles don't show too much explicit stuff but you know they do it for real(nose deep inside ass and stuff like that)

2nd sex scene is quite explicit but there is no vagina shown, pussies together with bodies separated. Still a lot of boobs and ass and moaning.

3rd sex scene: less explicit but fingering (nothing explicit)

around 1h50: Lea is painting Adele nude. The camera pans from feet to head with Adele on her back, her vagina clearly visible. There is then a wide angle view of Adele with legs opened and her vagina visible again.

After that scene, nudity occurs less often. 10 min afterwards, there is a bed scene with Adele taking off her clothes(T&A)While Lea is under sheets (tits visible), then Adele puts her head on Lea's right tit. Finally 10 minutes before the end(3h), a shower scene from behind with Adele showing T&A again.

Hope it is clear enough to explain the nudity

Below is a link to the international trailer. Adèle Exarchopoulos' left breast is shown at the 1:14 mark as she is posing for a painting. "Blue is the Warmest Color" comes out in theatres on October 25. It is unknown if the film will show up on VOD at that time.

UPDATE: It looks like the sex scenes were unsimulated. Per Crave Online, Léa Seydoux admitted at the Cannes roundtable that there were "fake pussies" used.

"CraveOnline: The love scenes are so beautiful. Of course I know as actors there are ways to fake things but it looks so real and intimate. Were there by any chance scenes where you went ahead and got close and made contact?

Oh, have sex?

CraveOnline: No, but touch each other for real.

Oh no. No, we had fake p***ys. It was like SFX. It was well done. It was not very nice because it was fake.


There are numerous reports from the Cannes Film Festival of some very explicit love scenes between Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux in the film "Blue Is the Warmest Color (AKA La Vie D'Adele Chapitres 1 et 2)" Here is a fairly detailed description of the scene from Vulture.com:

"I clocked the first sex scene between Adèle and Emma — replete with fingering, licking, and, as a friend called it, "impressive scissoring" — at an approximate ten minutes. Audience walkouts began around minute nine. That turned into spontaneous applause (and relieved laughter), when the women climaxed and finished a minute later."


Here a another snippet from Film.com:

"Adele and Emma connect first and foremost on a sexual level and to understand the depth of their passion you can’t just hear them talk about it – you need to see it. Despite the tongues, heaving breasts and exposed sex organs, Exarchopoulos’ flushed cheeks that are the most erotic things on display"


"Blue Is the Warmest Color" has been picked up for US distribution by Sundance Selects, but there is no announced release date. According to this tweet, Seydoux also goes full-frontal in another Cannes film, "Grand Central".