Description not mine.

2 minutes in: Leaning back on a couch -- in her very first scene as the show's new sexy lesbian character -- Nicole Rodenburg lifts her t-shirt to briefly flash her breasts.

3 minutes in: Meg Barrick has tender, passionate sex with her boyfriend. We get a glimpse of her ass (which he kisses) and a long look at her breasts (he kisses them too).

11 minutes in: Tessa Harnetiaux is rushing around in a towel, apparently late for work. She discards the towel, revealing her ass and breasts. She puts on a bra, but is still bottomless (seen from behind) when she squeezes into a very tight little dress. This scene is over too quickly, but she looks amazing throughout the episode!

21 minutes in: Chasty Ballesteros begins receiving oral sex (while standing) from a guy. We see her breasts and ass. Almost full frontal when he pulls down her panties.

22 minutes in: Lovely blonde guest star Susannah Allman has girl-on-top sex with a guy she just met. Good looks at her breasts and butt. When it ends abruptly, she storms out of the room, providing an even better view of her ass.

23 minutes in: We cut back to the Chasty Ballesteros cunnilingus scene. More boobs, more butt, and plenty of hot moaning!

26 minutes in: After using destruction of property as foreplay, Rebecca Blumhagen has sex on an unstable bed with her strange suitor. The camera jumps around a lot, avoiding a full body view, but we do see her breasts a couple times.